Guidance and Counseling
The Guidance and Counseling Program of our school aims to help the individual students develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their problems, aspirations and motives so that they can make a correct interpretation of their concerns and have an efficient adjustment in life. It offers Guidance Programs such as Counseling Services, Inventory and Testing Services, Career Services and Placement Services and Follow-up and Consultation Services.

Medical-Dental Clinic
The students and personnel can avail of medical and dental services such as physical examination, doctor's consultation, immunization, treatment of common ailments, dental examination and oral prophylaxis.

First Communion
For spiritual development of young graders from Grades II to VI, the school holds its First Communion on December 8 and March 19 of every school year.

To maximize learning, the school maintains a laboratory for bio-science and Physics located at the third floor of the high school building.

Computer Laboratory
There are 23 upgraded computers, which the second year high school students use for their practicum and hands-on activities.

The school maintains two libraries—the main library or high school library and the pre-school library. They are located at the third floor of the Jose Gil Memorial Building and at the quadrangle near Marquez Building.

Covered Court
The school has a multi-purpose covered court that can accommodate 1,000 people.

The school has a canteen which serves simple meals to students and personnel at very minimal costs.

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