Student Council (SC)
The Student Council is the core of all organizations in St. John's Academy. It consists of trailblazing and responsible young men and women who have always been at the forefront of all major school activities.

Faculty Club
The Faculty Club is the organization designed for the mentors and office staff of our institution. Like the other organizations in our school, it aims to bring unity and provide better relationships among our mentors.

Senior Class Organization (SCO)
The Senior Class Organization helps in enhancing good interpersonal relationship among the Seniors. Their activities do not only provide solidarity and friendship among Seniors but also improve the well-being of each.

Junior Class Organization (JCO)
The Junior Class Organization holds the responsilbility of taking the Juniors to new levels of learning through beneficial activities that will enhance their personality, confidence and participation in worthwhile projects. The organization prepares the Juniors for the great load of responsibilities they will be handling as they step on the last rung of their high school years.

Sophomore Class Organization (SPCO)
The Sophomore Class Organization is responsible for the various projects and activities designed for the second year students. This is the training ground to prepare them for the more tedious and greater responsibilities they will hold in the succeeding years.

Freshmen Class Organization (FCO)
The Freshmen Class Organization was formed to help the students ease their difficulties of being neophytes in the high school department. It also promotes camaraderie among students and facilitates adjustment now that they have reached another stage of their education.

Science, Math, Computer Club (SMCC)
The Science, Math, Computer Club is the school's organization responsible for enhancing the student body's learning on matters concerning Science, Math and Computer technology. Its projects include a field trip, a quiz show and science exhibits.

English Literary Circle (ELC)
Not only is the English Literary Circle responsible for enhancing the English communication skills of the students but also for building esprit de corps among the student body through the various activities they spearhead in our institution. The club is a great help in cultivating the potentials of each student as well as boosting his self-esteem. It conducts contests such as essay writing, short story writing and poetry writing.

BSP Leadership Staff
The Boy Scout Leadership Staff is a group of dedicated Senior and Junior leaders who are in charge of planning and finalizing all scouting-related activities for the boy scouts. Their various activities bring about leadership, good fellowship and togetherness among them.

GSP Planning Board
The GSP Planning Board sponsors varied activities for the girl scouts through which unity is developed among them. These activities also provide enjoyment and learning for the scouts.

The Comelec conducts a quick and honest count of the votes in the Student Council election.

SJA Varsity
Our school's varsity was organized to provide opportunities to the young student athletes in the field of sports. It aims to teach them good sportsmanship and develop comradeship and goodwill among them.

Performing Arts Club (PAC)
The Performing Arts Club is a group of young and versatile students who yield the essence of gaiety and joviality. This group of students is responsible for providing dazzling entertainment which further gives hue to various programs in our school.

Glee Club and Ensemble
The Glee Club was established to bring out our students' hidden talents. It is composed of highly talented and musically inclined people from all levels of the high school department. They share their skills during the first Friday masses and in other musical numbers.

Visual Arts Club (VAC)
The Visual Arts Club is especially established for those students gifted with skills in arts. It is intended for those with creative minds and fertile imaginations. The youngest of the organizations, it aims to deepen its roots and someday produce the next Michelangelo's and Da Vinci's.

Junior Police Force
The JP Force is composed of responsible, reliable and sturdy high school students whose duty is to help in implementation of the rules and regulations in our school, thus maintaining peace and order in the campus. The members serve as an epitome of discipline and right conduct.

Student's Assistance Group (SAG)
The SAG consists of concerned students willing enough to help and give assistance to pre-school and elementary pupils in carrying their heavy bags to their rooms.

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