SY 2014-2015:

» F. Sionil Jose Motivates Batch 2015

» Ms. Maneja Encourages Young Graduates

» Atty. Leynes Speaks to the Achievers

» Spelling Contest: Battle of Orthographists

» SMCC Quiz Bee: Clash of Brains

» Hopeful Speakers Exhibit Their Prowess

» SJA Celebrated its 84th Year of Radiance

» With the Investiture Comes Responsibilities

» Learning Anywhere and Everywhere

» Student Body Elects New SC Officers

» SJA Welcomes a New Group of Mentors

» Essay Writing Contest: A Journalistic Challenge

» 41st Encampment: Learning the Ways of a Soldier

F. Sionil Jose Motivates Batch 2015

Last March 25, 2015, the seniors of batch 2015 finally got their high school diplomas, proof of the hard work they have shown in their four years of stay in this institution. Being one of the most-awaited events in a person’s life, a high school graduation needs its cherry on top to make the event special. And to grant us that, yet another distinguished guest the seniors of batch 2015 had successfully invited is Francisco Sionil Jose. F. Sionil Jose was born on December 3, 1921 in Rosales, Pangasinan to Antonio Jose and Sofia Sionil.

He studied in the University of Santo Tomas after World War II where he was the Editor-in-Chief of the university paper called The Varsitarian. Becoming a staff member in The Commonwealth, the Assistant Editor in the USIS,the Managing Editor in the Manila Times Sunday Magazine, an editor in the Progress and Comment, the Information Officer in The Colombo Plan are just a few of the positions Jose had. He also founded the Philippine branch of PEN, an international organization of poets, playwrights and novelists, and started his own publishing house called Solidaridad which produced “Solidarity” a year later on which still is going strong today.

F. Sionil Jose is among the most widely read Filipino writers today. His works were mostly about the social foundation of the class struggles in the Philippines. He is best known for writing the Rosales Saga which consisted of Po-on, Tree, My Brother, My Executioner, The Pretenders and Samsons. He also wrote short stories, other novels such as Viajero, Ermita and Vibora!, and essays. His works are translated in 22 languages including Korean, Latvian, Dutch, Indonesian, Czech and Ukrainian. Among his notable awards include the Pablo Neruda Centennial Award (2004), National Artist, Literature (2001) and the Ramon Magsaysay A war d f or Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts (1980).

--Bea Ellaine T. David, Year IV–Diamond

Ms. Maneja Encourages Young Graduates

“Education is the acquisition of the art of the utilization of knowledge.” - Sir Alfred North Whitehead

The doors leading to further education will finally open to 110 individuals who will gradually bloom into a paradigm of excellence in our society. They have proved themselves to be meritorious to receive the diplomas they obtained last March 26, 2015.

As the little seniors step into another chapter of their lives, an illuminating speech was given by Ms. Maria Lourdes Fatima R. Maneja. She graduated as Cum Laude at the University of Santo Tomas. Since then, she has displayed an exemplary portrayal of a self-sufficient executive. Ms. Maneja is an active ecclesiastical commissioner when it comes to her affiliation at the St. John the Baptist Church. A truly down-to-earth woman gave inspiration and hope to the elementary graduates.

May the young graduates keep the honorable oration Ms. Maneja delivered in mind and forever engrave in their hearts the significance of education.

--Aila Jenya S. Arellano, Year IV-Diamond

Atty. Leynes Speaks to the Achievers

Every student is equipped with his own innate abilities. Some of us make the most use out of it while some just take it for granted. If we have the will to do something, then we could do it, regardless of how hard it may be. But if we don't have any will to start with then what’s the use of having dreams? Standing out among the rest requires extra effort. And on the afternoon of March 23, 2015, those who have stood out received the fruits of their hard work. Recognition Day is held to give honor to the students who have excelled in every school year. And to those who have done well, nothing could feel better than having a medal hung around one's neck. To make the event more meaningful, Attorney Chrizellie Keh Almendral-Leynes came to inspire this school year’s achievers.

Atty. Leynes became an alumna of St. John’s Academy in the year 2004. She graduated from the University of Santo Tomas after taking up BS Tourism with a GWA of 1.897. After graduating from UST, she took up Bachelor of Laws in the University of the East as one of the recipients of the Dean of the Law scholarship program and finishing as top 3 of their graduating class in 2012. She was also a member of the UE Law Debate Society and had won second and third place in the ASC’s Square Off: CVC Law Debate on the years 2010 and 2011 respectively. She also served as the vice president of their Law Student Government and president of the Order of Witan Legis Sorority, both in the school year 2010-2011.

She previously worked as the legal secretary of the Manila Jockey Club, Inc. and as Junior Associate at the Reyno Tiu Domingo & Santos. Currently, she works as an attorney-at-law and notary public at the Almendral Law Office and as a Bar Review Coach in the Jurists Bar Center.

--Bea Ellaine T. David, Year IV-Diamond

Spelling Contest: Battle of Orthographists

We, St. Johnites, are known for our mastery of the English language. To test this and to further enhance it, a competition is held to see who really excel in this field. The Spelling Contest, held last January 28 and 29, 2015, may be just another contest for the rest of the St. Johnites but for those who want it--it is more than that. In preparation for the spelling contest, the spelling contestants who had undergone class and inter class eliminations study about 500 words of varying difficulties. Those who had never been on stage can never know how much pressure the contestants feel. Everybody is joined by the common goal of wanting to win. However, there can only be one spelling champion. After a tough battle of memorization and showcase of wit, the following emerged as victors:

Group II (Grades I and II) - Eliza Erin B. Son
Group III (Grades III and IV) - Vladimir M. Manalang
Group IV (Grades V and VI) - Patricia Lucille P. Du

Group I (Years I and II) - Therese Anne A. Mamaradl o
Group II (Years III and IV) - Lorelie Yvonne Y. Lomibao

The purpose of this contest is not only to enhance the students’ vocabulary but also to instill within them the spirit of camaraderie, fair sense and acceptance of whatever the result may be. Congratulations to the winners for having proven their skills and showing that their mastery of the intricate words in the English language will not cease just because a quarter ends.

--Ivan Carl A. Salvador, Yr. IV-Diamond

SMCC Quiz Bee: Clash of Brains

St. John’s Academy is an institution wherein the students are well-known for their academic dexterity and capabilities. There are students who are referred to as a math wizard, one whose mathematical expertise is above average, and a science geek, one whose scientific knowledge and skills are beyond compare.

Last February 24, 2015, the students of the high school department witnessed the' analytical battle of the math wizards and science geeks among themselves in the annual SMCC Quiz Bee. Representatives from each year level were picked and gathered to create a cooperative team. The said team comprises students who excel in their particular field. Being so, each student and team studied for this event to ensure their slot as winners. The program started with the presentation of the participants followed by the quiz bee itself. The audience was all astounded as to how the participants answered the formidable questions well. There was never an insipid moment because to every question, the students answered with exceptional intellect.

After all the anticipation, the event had to come to an end. Out of all the competing teams, only one could be the victors. The winners are as follows:

Math Division:
Tyrrel Christopher R. Castan
Rayven Rica V. Santos ·
Rasty John V. Santos
Andre Christian N. Santos-Tankia

Science Division:
Elyza Nicole M. Rodrigo
Keith Xavier C. Sazon
Elaine Bianca L. Padilla
Eiram Jason P. Tulaylay

To officially end the event, the SMCC adviser, Ms. Pingoy gave her closing remarks that truly inspired the students and touched their hearts. Another successful and momentous event it surely was. May the students continue to enhance their skills and academic prowess in the following years to come.

--Lorelie Yvonne Y. Lomibao, Year IV- Diamond

Hopeful Speakers Exhibit Their Prowess

Dedication, confidence and originality--these were the traits that the declaimers needed to possess to claim a title in the Declamation Finals last December 4 and 5, 2014. As each of the declaimers delivered their wonderful pieces, excitement was felt by the audience, especially given that the declaimers will surely not go down the stage without a fight. Beating their nervousness, the declaimers expressed their speeches with hunger for the title evident in their actions. After that, the judges had finally made their rightful and just decisions. Congratulations to the following declaimers who topped the qualities needed to become one among the best declaimers of this year.


English Category
First Place: Keith Xavier C. Sazon
Second Place: Aaron Jakob P. Tulaylay
Third Place: Renz Ezekiel C. Cruz

Filipino Category
First Place: Mikhaela Louise D. Beron
Second Place: Kimberly R. Villarojo
Third Place: Hannin Abbie M. Alpad


Group III (Grades V & VI)

English Category
First Place: Margaux Alexy M. Piol
Second Place: Erika Nathanielle S. Ramos
Third Place: Catherine L. Nace

Filipino Category
First Place: Ashley Feliza E. Gesmundo
Second Place: Abdel Rasheed M. Alpad
Third Place: Julie Angela S. Llamas

Group II (Grades III & IV)

English Category
First Place: Franchezca Zenaida Liendzel A. Calingo
Second Place: Sophia Elena C. Angeles
Third Place: Brendan C. De Borja

Filipino Category
First Place: Andoni A. Mamaradlo
Second Place: Hannah Anissa M. AIpad
Third Place: Ryiannah Karyll A. Beltran

Group I (Grades I & II)

English Category
First Place: Ritz Ysabelle A. Beltran
Second Place: Ma. Sofia C. Mozo
Third Place: Janella Gee Rose D. Nacino

Filipino Category
First Place: Jamicah Augustine B. Tan
Second Place: Gabriel A. Matencio
Third Place: Jodie R. Dela Torre


English Category
First Place: Elyza Yuri A. Padilla
Second Place: Nicollete Aaliyah J. De Lara
Third Place: Nathan G. Sampang

This event truly allowed everyone to see the potential of our fellow St. Johnites in the field of public speaking. It is hoped that the St. Johnites further enhance their skills and continue to make their school proud even in the years to come.

--Hannin Abbie M. AIpad, Year IV-Diamond

SJA Celebrated its 84th Year of Radiance

St. John’s Academy celebrated its 84th Loyalty Day with brilliance and excellence with the theme “Infusing Values and Discipline among Nations towards a More Peaceful World” surely strengthened the unity among St. Johnites, their guardians and the teachers.

The festival enabled students as well as the faculty and staff to have fun and enjoyment. A short respite from the daily routine of students and teachers was a much-needed welcome to replenish their energy.

On November 16, 2014, the event started with a short mass at 7:00 a.m. followed by the flag rites. Then there was the opening of booths and parlor games arranged by the school’s various clubs and organizations which was one of the highlights of the festivity.

There was a short interlude as booths had to be closed and some selected St. Johnites prepared for the highlight of the event--the dance festival. This dance festival surely enthralled everyone in the audience. The dancers were:

Gangnam Style (Korea) - Preschool
Kalapati Dance (Philippines) - Grades 1 and 2
Robam me Ambao - Grades 3 and 4
Ho Jomalo (Pakistan) - Grades 5 and 6
Snap Dance (U.S.A.) - Years 1 and 2
Kanlimut (Philippines) - Years 3 and 4

--Patricia S. Oxales (Yr. 4 -  Diamond)

With the Investiture Comes Responsibilities

On September 22, 2014, the GSP held their investiture to welcome the newest members in the family. This very important day marked a special beginning for the journey up ahead for the sisterhood. During the ceremony, the scouts vowed to their oath and had taken into heart the law of the scouts, their duties and responsibilities. The lighting of candles burned brighter that day as the scouts one by one recited the Girl Scout Law and soon followed by the offering of coins and flowers as gifts to acknowledge and pay respects to the late founder Josefa Llanes Escoda and to entitle themselves as part of the sisterhood as the “titas” knotted the scarfs of the girl scouts, embracing them as part of the family.

After the ceremony, the song “Thinking Day” resounded within the court as the scouts proudly sang with confidence and newly found pride as they marched with a smile and warm heart built by the feelings of love and acceptance in the family.

--Yu-Ying Cheng (Yr. 3 - Sapphire)

Learning Anywhere and Everywhere

The world is your classroom. Learning can--and should--happen anywhere. Field trips connect students to real life; they are educational experiences, and they cultivate knowledge for the next generation of leaders.

On October 3, 2014, the students of St. John’s Academy had their annual field trip. The itinerary for this year was all located in the province of Laguna. They first went to the Rizal Monument in Calamba, which was cited as the tallest Rizal monument in the world. Next was the Nagcarlan Church which is known for its antiquity. Then, they moved on to the Japanese Garden along Lake Caliraya, memorial park that is open to the public as playground and a picnic area. Next was Liliw which is best known for its native home sweets like the uraro and footwear production which is a sizeable shoe industry that rivals that of Marikina City.

“Real experiences are the best teachers.” Field trips are wonderful experiences for students to participate in because they are life-impacting. They serve as an opportunity to travel to educational places that some students might otherwise not have a chance to experience.

--Dale Matthew Lorenzo (Yr. 4 - Diamond)

Student Body Elects New SC Officers

On July 10, the elections for the Student Council officers were conducted and were closely supervised by the officers of the Comelec. Two parties were given the chance to campaign for the positions they were aspiring for. One of them was the Novum Exodus Party, whose goal was to stand for transparency and equality of the student body, to uphold the integrity of every student and to base decisions on principles. The other was the Equilibarete Party, whose goal was to apply equality in the student body, in an intellectual, social, spiritual and emotional manner. Both parties were given a three-day-long campaigning period to inform the student body on what their aim was. On July 7 and 8, they showcased each party’s ideals and proposals to the students of Grades 5 and 6 and the High School department. On July 9, the Miting de Avance was held in the auditorium. Both parties presented astounding performances as a last attempt to impress the students and to convince them in voting the candidates worthy enough of their aspired positions. After their grand entrances, each candidate gave his/her speech on why he/she should be elected as one of the new officers of the school year. This was followed by a question-and-answer portion which tested how well they understood the given questions and reasoned out their said answers. After voting, the Comelec tabulated all of the votes and made sure that there would be no deception. Listed below are the names of the aspirants who have attained their positions:

President: Aila Jenya S. Arellano (Novum Exodus Party)
Vice President: Ryan Earnest G. Pineda (Novum Exodus Party)
Secretary: Nemuel V. Aguilar (Novum Exodus Party)
Treasurer: Shannon Aires A. Plata (Equilibarete Party)
Auditor: Erika Lalaine B. Mendres (Novum Exodus Party)
Business Manager: Shaira Mae Y. Tiburcio (Novum Exodus Party)
PRO: Dale Matthew F. Lorenzo (Novum Exodus Party)
Sergeant-at-Arms: Allain Niccolo B. Gil (Novum Exodus Party),
                             Gerard D.V. Dominguez (Novum Exodus Party)

On July 21, their oath taking was held after the flag ceremony. We expect that they’ll stay true to the words they said and the proposals they promised.

--Elyza Nicole Rodrigo and Lester Veras, Yr. IV-Diamond

SJA Welcomes a New Group of Mentors

As another school year starts, a new set of mentors are employed to mold the students into better individuals. They help the school produce a one-of-a-kind breed of quick-witted students.

High School Department

Ms. Ruth F. Senorin
This 21-year old lass graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines majoring in English. She teaches Compo II, Literature III, and Literature II. She always tries her best in everything she does and believes that failure and trouble often give great endurance and strength.

Ms. Shirly May T. Taguinod
“A perfectionist and well-organized” are two things that she said when asked to describe herself. A graduate of Isabela State University with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Science, this 26-year old lady is ready to share her knowledge with the students.

Mr. Jayson D. Simbajon
This simple and humble 20-year old lad is a fresh graduate from the Polytechnic University with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics. He teaches Math and E-math to freshmen and sophomores.

Ms. Jenelyn F. Samuel
Hailing from the Rizal Technological University with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Studies is this 26-year old lady. She strongly believes in herself having what it takes to impart wisdom to all her students.

Ms. Jasmin M. Critica
This amiable 21-year old lady teaches Literature II and PEHM I. She took the Bachelor of Secondary Education at St. Mary’s College of Meycauauyan. She believes that she is a humble individual and is ready to serve SJA.

Pre-School and Grade School Department

Mr. Ruben B. Villanueva
This optimistic and stringent mentor is a graduate of Sorsogon State College. With the college degree of BEED, he positively strives for the betterment of the students. He presently teaches Hele IV, Math IV, MAPE V and VI.

Ms. Charmaine C. Sandig
This dependable teacher finished her college degree at The National Teachers’ College. She is a 21-year old lass who chose St. John’s Academy as her target to pass on the lore that she has.

Mr. Raymond D. Nazarro
A graduate of Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, this 23-year old man accepted the task of being a full-pledged mentor. Though given a variety of subjects to discuss, he strives to give all his best.

Ms. Ivy Rose A. Ecalne
An English major with the degree of BSEd, she graduated from the National Teachers’ College. As of now, she is teaching Reading, Language, MAPE and GMRC to the students in the third grade. She is industrious and fun-loving in nature and with her aim to imbue her students with values and learnings and proves to be a teacher with great potential.

Ms. Sarah R. Blanco
Hailing from the Philippine Normal University with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education, she is the current adviser of a class in in Kinder II while also sharing her knowledge with the students in the 6th grade. She chose St. John’s Academy as her training ground for whatever the future has in store for her.

Ms. Maria Hanna L. Palma
She is a kind lady who is ready to lend a helping hand. She is forbearing and composed when it comes to hardships. She is 22-years old and completed her degree at the Philippine Normal University. She handles K2 students, GMRC IV, and Social Studies VI.

Mrs. Jacqueline R. Santa Clara
This 28-year old lady graduated from Jose Rizal University with the degree of BEEd major in English. She is a refined and sophisticated woman who values her teaching. She instills discipline in her students because she believes that it is a necessary tool for learning.

Ms. Orlyn F. Bastal
She is a simple yet an organized young lass who aims to not only inculcate knowledge of her area but also values the welfare of her students. She took Bachelor of Elementary Education at Palawan State University and is the current adviser of  Gr. II-Carnation.

Ms. Gigi Q. Ani
A product of Leyte Normal University, she is a 24-year old woman who is on a mission to positively contribute whatever she has in this institution. With a degree of BEEd major in Pre-school Education, she is currently teaching the students in Kinder II PM and Language III.

--Therese Mamaradlo and Dianne Ingel, Yr. II-Ruby

Essay Writing Contest: A Journalistic Challenge

The annual essay writing contest held by the English Literary Circle took place on the 7th of August from 8:10 in the morning till 10:10 am. Students in both the elementary and high school departments from Grades 5 and above participated in the said event, and headed to the covered court with only less than two hours left to submit their essays. Shortly after the given time limit, blank sheets of papers were filled with the thoughts and overflowing ideas of the participants on their chosen topics. The essay writing contest is a small event, usually held annually by the English Literary Circle (ELC) that tests each student’s writing capabilities on a specific topic or on-going issue. Its main purpose is to enhance the literary skills of the students and within two hours they must formulate a way to finalize their essay. Each level is given different topics so participants of all levels may come up with ideas from a wide range of topics to cover. Those who have written sensible and meaningful essays that stand out among the rest will earn themselves a reward at the end of the school year.

--Elsa Iskandar, Yr. 1-Jade

41st Encampment: Learning the Ways of a Soldier

Last April 7-13, 2014, the 41st ACP Encampment took place at Clark Air Base, Pampanga. Participants who were willing to endure a week of military drills, training and activities were tested and trained to have their abilities nourished and refreshed. Those who joined the encampment were trained to live the life of a soldier for a week, from the way he wakes up in the morning up until the way he sleeps at night. They were also trained to eat like a soldier, wherein they learned the proper way of eating or “Square meal” in which the soldier eats with grace and poise.

After a week of hardship, the participants have been well-trained and well-suited for the awards that they have achieved. All week long, they did vigorous activities and worked hard for what they deserved. A bond was created between them, treating each other like brothers and sisters of their own.

The National Encampment is an once-in-a-lifetime experience, some rarely twice, but only a few people can experience this kind of training, a real fortunate experience for those who joined and endured the week long activity

The following are the encampers who participated in the 41st National Encampment training:

C/Cpt. Regente, Lorenz Paul Mercado
C/Cpt. David, Bea Ellaine Tee
C/Cpt. Lasap, John Harveil Dadulla
C/Cpt. Silvano, Danielle Kristela Oprenario
C/Cpt. Cruz, Jude Isaac Lintag
C/Cpt. Gayo, Jaycee James Dizon
C/Cpt. Caña, Rafael Borja
C/Cpt. Carrasco, Kim Gerald Lopera
C/Cpt. Par, Nealsen Alrich Peñarubia

--Jazmin B. Pontacana, Yr. IV-Diamond

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