SY 2013-2014:

» Arnold Clavio Addresses the Seniors of Class 2014

» Ms. Ong Inspires Young Achievers

» Mr. Abeleda Speaks to the Grade School Graduates

» SMCC Quiz Tilts: The Battle of Academic Excellence

» GSP and BSP Annual Encampments are Successfully Held

» SJA’s Best Spellers Named

» A New Set of Student Leaders Elected

» SJA Cadets Participate in ACP 40th National Encampment

» SJA Welcomes New Mentors to Inspire the St. Johnites

Arnold Clavio Addresses the Seniors of Class 2014

One of the country’s acclaimed journalists, Arnold Aldea Clavio came to address the High School graduating students last March 26, 2014.

Introduced by Dr. Januario Sia-Cunco, this highly-esteemed graduate of the University of St. Thomas Aquinas with a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Journalism humbly shared his life of failures and successes with the young dreamers who were undoubtedly inspired by the speaker’s wit, perseverance and dynamism. Having experienced a mixture of a lot of difficulties, struggles, pains, joys and glories before finally becoming a prominent broadcasting icon—news anchor, TV host, radio commentator and columnist of GMA network, he said one must not stop dreaming and even the most nauseating occurrences in one’s life must not impede him/her to continuously aspire and grow and to become a productive citizen of this country by helping others in need without asking for anything in return. Although, he has reached the pinnacle of success, this good man who has remained humble despite numerous achievements still incessantly finds time to inspire young individuals to reach for their dreams.

Ms. Ong Inspires Young Achievers

Ms. Ma. Ruth Julianne F. Ong, the valedictorian of class 2006, delivered her inspiring message to the young achievers of St. John’s Academy last March 21, 2014.

Imbued with the sense of fineness and decency, this young lady who is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila, Major in Management Information Systems Specializing in Business Intelligence proudly came back to her Alma Mater to convey a message of merit and salutation to the students, who like her, had bravely trudged the way to excellence and academic distinction. Taking the road less travelled according to her is truly stiff but her perseverance paid off as she now enjoys the fruits of her labor. She was entrusted with crucial responsibilities and has been recognized for her exemplary performances many times. At present, she is a Transition Manager and Business Analyst at Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited providing solutions for business-raised opportunities through process and implemented analysis. Thus, these, she said to the young achievers are the proofs that dreams do come true if you keep on working for their fulfillment.

Mr. Abeleda Speaks to the Grade School Graduates

Last March 25, 2014, Mr. Bernard Abeleda spoke to the SJA’s little seniors of Class 2014.

Amidst his busy schedule, another successful alumnus revisited the school to address the grade school pupils in their Commencement Exercises. He recounted the years when he was still one of the ordinary students of this school sharing the same experiences as the graduates. Those commonplace events according to him have helped him become a person of worth, of trust and confidence as he is now. Now that he is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Sto. Thomas, he has not forgotten how his personality has been shaped and developed in this institution; thus, from being an affable barista, he has risen to a respectable Store Manager of the world-renowned Starbucks coffee.

His speech was short and concise but it remarkably left a mark for the little seniors to act and to get going to reach one’s goal no matter what circumstances they are in.

SMCC Quiz Tilts: The Battle of Academic Excellence

The vast knowledge and priceless lectures learned in school were used by the academically-inclined students during the SMCC Quiz Bee last February 19, 2014. This event, which was spearheaded by the SMCC officers, was one of the most-anticipated wherein the students who excel in Science and Math converged and attempted to take some measure of honor not only for their team, but also for their sections and mentors. All the participants showed great and immense prowess, but only one team from each division emerged victorious.

The SMCC Quiz Bee paved the way to the discovery of the new set of Einsteins and Descartes’ for the school year 2013-2014. Listed below are the winning teams:

Science Division:
Rhona Samutya – Yr. 4-Diamond
Rory Ann Reyes – Yr. 3-Sapphire
Kimberly Villarojo – Yr. 2-Ruby
Therese Mamaradlo – Yr. 1-Jade

Math Division:
Lean Marcel David – Yr. 4-Diamond
Kim Carraso – Yr. 3-Sardonyx
Yu-Ying Cheng – Yr. 2-Ruby
Roniliza Bauto – Yr. 1-Jade

--Jan Samantha Beatriz Calaquian, Year IV-Diamond

GSP and BSP Annual Encampments
are Successfully Held

Last January 30 and February 7, the GSP and BSP had their annual encampments respectively. The scouts were first assembled as they were given reminders before the event began. Followed by this was a series of activities. They soon gathered around the bonfire to officially call it a night.

After hours of slumber, at dawn, the scouts stared the day with some calisthenics to prepare themselves for the rest of their camping. This was succeeded by the flag ceremony, then the cooking contest, and the continuation of the scouts’ activities. By afternoon, the scouters were all dismissed and everyone’s contented faces were a proof that they all had a good time.

GSP Individual Awards:
Best Patrol leader – Czanelle Rein Laruscain
Boodle Fighter of the year – Vianka Barraca

GSP Group Awards:
Red Patrol (Leader: KC Beltran)
                Most Punctual Patrol
                Most Orderly Patrol
Blue Patrol (Leader: Nicole Lopez)
                Scavenger Hunt Winner
Yellow Patrol (Leader: Vianka Barraca)
                Most Active Patrol
Green Patrol (Leader: Jesah Gano)
                Obstacle Relay Winner
                Boodle Fighting Patrol of the Year
                Best in Food Presentation
                Most Creative Patrol
                Most United Patrol

--Gerika Dominguez & Lorenz Regente, Year III-Sapphire

SJA’s Best Spellers Named

St. Johnites are known for their adept English proficiency skills. They are provided a wide range of vocabulary that allows them to express themselves more efficiently through the universal language. With this, SJA gives an opportunity to those students who are good in transcribing words through the annually-held Spelling Contest.

The event begins with a series of elimination  rounds—both class and interclass—which determined the contestants who will compete in the main and final round. They all battled it out and gave a good fight. After a series of intense competition, one contestant from each division emerged as the best speller of the year. The winners were as follow:

Preschool Department
Group I (Pre-School) – Eliza Erin B. Son

Elementary Department
Group III (Grades III and IV) – Paolo D. Vital
Group IV (Grades V and VI) – Alexander Kenneth O. Pabiona

High School Department
Group I (Years I and II) – Jaztine Marie-Escarez, Yr. II-Ruby
Group II (Years III and IV) – Mariel Shannen Torres, Yr. III-Sapphire

--Rhona Christine M. Samutya, Year IV-Diamond

A New Set of Student Leaders Elected

St. John's Academy holds the Student Council Election annually. This event marks the selection process of the students who would run for the Student Council. In this year's event, the potentials, sincerity, and willpower of the student candidates were tested. They needed to prove themselves worthy of the position which they aspired for to serve as the voice and encouragement for the student body. Two parties emerged to vie for the different positions which would give them responsibilities to serve their Alma Mater.

The parties which contended for the SY 2013-2014 Student Council were the Excelsior Party which confirmed that excellence is aimed at by this institution, and the lllumina Socium which main purpose was to serve as the guiding light of the student body.

Campaigning days started last July 8 and ended last July 9. Both parties went from room to room doing their best to win votes through presenting their proposals. On July 10, the most anticipated Miting de Avance was held in the auditorium. The program started as both parties primed their showy entrances, followed by the delivery of their speeches which consisted of their experiences while taking the voyage of being a representative of the party where they belong. The program ended with the question and answer portion which gave the students ideas why and who they were going to vote for. The student body saw the nominees' respective perceptions and aptitude. Both parties' endeavor had paid off.

The bona fide election happened early in the morning last July 11. The meticulous COMELEC counted the votes, concluded the selection process and posted the results on the bulletin board for everyone to see. Those who came out glorious were:

PRESIDENT: Daniela Angela R. Frigillana
VICE PRESIDENT: Savannah Precious G. Morales
SECRETARY: Aiko R. Panda
TREASURER: Jude Isaac L. Cruz
AUDITOR: Monica Lisa R. Frigillana
BUS. MANAGER: Krisha Renei C. Paras
P.R.O: Kc Joyce M. Beltran
Sgt. At Arms: Kimberly V. Ching, Carl Joshua M. Javier

-- Aiko R. Panda, Yr. 4-Diamond

SJA Cadets Participate in ACP 40th National Encampment

The ACP 40th National Encampment training was held last April 1 to 7, 2013 at Clark Air Base, Pampanga. Encampment is the temporary separation of a cadet from his home, one week to be exact to train, eat, act, and live as a soldier. In here, the representatives from different schools come together to compete, socialize and have fun with one another. Many things were taught like the "square meal", the soldier's proper way of eating which should go with discipline and grace, and the quick movements at all times whether it be in eating or in doing other activities. They were taught what it was like to be a soldier.

They were tested physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and even spiritually as the cadets underwent drills and trainings. Through these obstacles they have developed a sense of unity and have learned to enjoy the smallest of things. After one week of vigorous training, the cadets had no regrets and acknowledged that it was worth it. All the hardships they have experienced, all the joys and the sorrows paid off because in the end, they know they became better cadets than they were before.

Encampment, this is something only very few people can experience. Not all are fortunate enough to experience this kind of training. Together with their ACP Commandant Mr. Von Vinton P. Dela Serna, the lucky cadets who participated in this program were:

C/ Maj. Rivera, Caryl Patrick Evangelista
C/ Capt. Mendez, Celine Mhae Gatchalian
C/ Capt. Nebrida, John Kevin Yatar
C/ Capt. Villamiel, Cleo Mikyla Garcia
C/ Capt. Pineda, Michael Joseph Cuevas
C/ Capt. Pesigan, Jeremiah Manuel

--Caryl Patrick E. Rivera, Yr. 4-Diamond

SJA Welcomes New Mentors to Inspire the St. Johnites

As another school year begins, the school has employed outstanding mentors who are to partake in the students' acquisition of knowledge and to serve as role models among the youth of this institution as they traverse the path towards success. These individuals who have the spirited minds and genuine hearts will complete the roster of SJA teaching force this SY 2013-2014.

Pre -School and Elementary Department

Ms. Marjorie H. Arcebal
A lady with a vibrant passion for teaching from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines who took Bachelor in Business Teacher Education Major in Business Technology offers her skills of imparting knowledge and of helping her pupils improve in different areas of learning. She currently teaches CBA, Mathematics, Language, Reading and Nature Study in the Pre-school Department and Filipino and HELE to her Grade 4 students. Her principle goes beyond choosing happiness to influence others positively all throughout her journey in life.

Ms. Sheila B. Gacad

This 20-year old who took Bachelor of Elementary Education from the Philippine Normal University is equipped with dedication to teach the little ones in this school. She teaches Science, Mathematics, Language, Reading, Filipino, MAPE, GMRC and Social Studies. She lets life flow with spontaneous events and with such optimism.

Ms. Terresa N. Pasoot

This 21-year old lady with a distinct dedication for teaching is a graduate from Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology. She took up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Technology and Livelihood Education. She handles Social Studies, HELE, MAPE, GMRC and Filipino to her Grade 4 students. This hardworking teacher offers St. John's her patience and willingness to teach with zest and with an open heart for the children under her custody.

Sheila Marie C. Reyes

This 20-year old lady has a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Filipino at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. She is a flexible mentor who exhausts all means to creatively impart knowledge to her Grade 2 pupils as she molds them into their full potential.

Ms. Dian Rose Y. Adolfo

A graduate from Iligan Capitol College with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education, this high-spirited woman of 24 is, at present, the adviser of Grade III-Daisy. With loyalty to this institution, she is ready to share her experiences with her learners and to mold them into better little beings.

Mr. Michael I. Begonia

With the goal to share his understanding of what societal history, economics, and geography are all about, this 22-year old mentor who is a graduate of Northern College, Inc. aims to teach Social Studies and GMRC from Grades 3-6 with enthusiasm to help the school to produce productive and competitive students.

High School Department

Ms. Rona B. Villaluz

A graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Mathematics from the Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, this youthful lady teaches Mathematics and Elective Math to her First and Second Year students. She believes that nothing is difficult to those who have a will to learn.

Ms. Kathleen Faye D.G. Mudlong

Hard work and prayer are two things which keep this 21 year-old mentor going. She is a fresh graduate of Eulogio ‘Amang’ Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology with the bachelor degree of Science in Education Major in Physical Sciences, and is currently handling Science I & II and THE II classes.

Marites M. Marzan

This determined graduate of The National Teacher's College with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English is a woman of her words and action. Without hesitation, she offers her full strength and wisdom to help nurture the young minds and to mold the behavior of her students.

Ms. Sharmaine D.C. Maduro

With her attained knowledge, this fine lady who is a product of Polytechnic University of the Philippines with a Bachelor degree in Business Teacher Education Major in Business Technology, applies her skills as she teaches T.H.E. in years II, III & IV. She is motivated to share her intellectual capabilities to inspire students who are determined to excel in her subject.

Ms. Apple Marie S. Plazo

As a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Filipino at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, she offers her Freshmen and Sophomore students the best in understanding the Filipino language. She brings her artistic views and experiences from attending outreach programs in order to make her style in teaching more approachable to students.

Ms. Geraldine D. Anquillano

This 20-year old charming lady who is a fresh graduate of Philippine Normal University with a Bachelor degree in Secondary Education Major in Speech and Theater Arts never fails to impart the true essence of Literature to her students with the help of her creative and cheerful teaching strategies. She gives full dedication in offering her knowledge and skills in order for her students to have a deep and better understanding of Literature.

--Rachel Samutya, Aila Arellano & Nelpha Triño, Yr. 3-Sapphire

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