SY 2012-2013:

» Hon. Guia Gomez Graces This Year’s Graduation Rites

» Pupils Bid Farewell to Grade School

» Young Achievers Inspired by Renowned Speaker of the Country

» Friendship and Solidarity Formed in a BSP Night Camping

» Girl Scouts Hold Overnight Encampment

» Battle of the Brains

» Spelling Contest Held

» St. Johnites Exhibit Rhetorical Skills

» SJA Celebrates Its 82nd Year of Excellence

» New Generation's Speakers Revealed

» St. Johnites Show Their Perception of the Filipino Culture

» SC Holds UN Flag Making Contest

» SJA Holds Its Annual Student Council Election

» New Faces of Inspiration Are Here to Serve St. Johnites

» 29th National Encampment held, SJA Cadets participate

» Teachers Undergo Further Training for the New School Year

Hon. Guia Gomez Graces This Year’s Graduation Rites

Every journey has its great moments—great victories and challenges—but it never ends with just that, for even if we stumble, we can always work to get back up and strive forward to finish. And on the 26th of March, we are able to witness as the 92 seniors of batch 2013 walk up the stage to reap the fruits of their labor. As these students, who finally reached this crucial and essential moment of their lives, receive their diplomas, it cannot be helped that they will be enveloped with fear of what is yet to come. But even if this sentiment continues to give an endless list of ‘what ifs’, the guidance of our Lord will surely put them through every challenge. The occasion was made more meaningful as the guest speaker, Hon. Guia Gomez gave her encouraging message to the graduates of the batch that gave them wisdom to bring in life’s battle. Being the reputable mayor of San Juan City, Mrs. Guia Gomez, is known to be a responsible woman. This has become evident in her work and involvements in various businesses such as being the CEO of a manufacturing firm, president of a manufacturing company, director of an international management consultancy group and many others. She has been given the Priyadarshini Award, Herstory Centennial Award, Outstanding Women Leaders Award and more which proves her meritorious effort and service as a public leader and as an entrepreneur. She spoke of new motivations for the graduates in undertaking a different journey, making the seniors better prepared to face what the world has in store for them.

--Maria Carmina Rae V. Gonzaga,Year IV – Diamond

Pupils Bid Farewell to Grade School

Graduating as an elementary pupil is one of the defining moments of a child who is developing his mind and body to become a person of his full potentials. Although this ends his elementary stint, it also marks the beginning of a new chapter that slowly unfolds as they become freshmen in the year ahead. They would not be known as 6th graders anymore but would be called the youths who are ready to test their skills as the new members of the high school department. With perseverance and faith in each step, they will soon bloom to be the person they want to become—the best among the best. This momentous occasion which was held on March 25 was given more significance as Mrs. Yazmin Fatima D. Ticzon imparted the knowledge and guidance she had to offer to these little seniors. Being a St. Johnite, a professional nurse, and a parent, she was able to identify with the pupils who found her speech relevant and heartwarming.

--John Regie M. Pillado, Year IV – Diamond

Young Achievers Inspired by Renowned
Speaker of the Country

Perseverance and determination are but a few ingredients for the realization of one’s dream. The pathway to success is not met by everyone. This is only achieved by those who are willing to strive knowing that there will be hindrances that will try to prevent them from being what they want to be. As early as nursery, St. John’s Academy identifies the potentials of each student, thus, the recognition day is held. On March 21, these young achievers were given awards and the opportunity to hear words of wisdom from their guest speaker who is considered as the Philippine’s number one success coach, Mr. John Calub of Class 1992. The speaker, being an achiever himself in vast fields of expertise, gave a message that inspired these students to achieve more, to never stop aiming for what is best. As the event ened, the awardees left with a renewed sense of purpose in the heart—that the realization of every dream, no matter how far, is possible.

--Maria Carmina Gonzaga & Edcel Corre, Year IV – Diamond & Year III – Sapphire

Friendship and Solidarity Formed
in a BSP Night Camping

Last February 8 and 9, the annual Boy Scounts of the Philippines (BSP) camping was held at the SJA school grounds. Participants of this event were the boy scouts of the Grades 5 and 6 supervised by the BSP adviser, Mr. Reynaldo Isaga and the boy scouts of the High School Department supervised by their scout master, Mr. Von Vinton Dela Serna.

The camping officially commenced at around 4:00 p.m. and the camping activities that were prepared by the leadership staff proceeded as planned. At around 12:00 a.m., a blazing fire was set up in the quadrangle and all the scouts gathered to watch the Frolics activity.

During the course of the camping, a wide range of activities was enjoyed by the scouts. This included:

The Amazing Race – an activity inspired by the popular TV show Amazing Race. It involved a lot of physical and mental challenges which tested the abilities of the scouts.

Capture the Flag – a breath-taking activity which proved the importance of team effort in any group activity of he patrols.

Frolics – a fun-filled activity where the scouts showcased their array of talents in front of an intense campfire through a singing contest and debate forum.

Aerobics Competition – an activity held early in the morning which promoted physical fitness through a dance competition.

Cook-Off – an activity where the scouts displayed their culinary skills through group effort and wherein they were able to produce treats that everyone present appreciated.

BSP Sports Competiton – an activity which also promoted physical fitness through sports.

At around 11:00 p.m., the scouts gathered for the awarding ceremony and those who were recognized were as follows.

Award and Awardees:
Best BSP Member – Ivan Josh Arreola
Best Patrol – Patrol Ignus
Best Patrol Leader – Joshua Cordeta
Bon Fire Memorial Award – Raeven Bauto
The Gamer – Ivan Josh Arreola
BSP Master Chef – Deniel Roy Lobrin
Aerobics Man – Vryan Palmon
Early Bird – Emilio Cebu
Minute Man – Arick Yumol
MVP – Carl Chan
Jeeper Sweeper – Dominic Perez
Fast and Furious – Ivan Josh Arreola

The camping was truly a memorable event that will forever be cherished and remembered by all the boy scouts. The camping experiences hold a special place in the hearts of all the campers. A strong bond was created among the members. “Knowledge doesn’t always come from books. Sometimes it comes from meaningful experiences that teach us lessons far more complex than the ones we read from books or taught to us by our teachers inside the four walls of the classroom.”--just like the meaningful experiences we have gained from the BSP camping.

--Janmaverick D. Alarcio, Year IV – Diamond

Girl Scouts Hold Overnight Encampment

Last February 2 and 3, the GSP held its camping wherein the solidarity among the scouts was fostered. The said event began at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Soon after, the patrols represented their troop with their flags, followed by a round of various activities that made the night more enjoyable.

As the moon shone upon the school ground the members and staff gleefully went around the bonfire. A moment of serenity was observed as the troopers sang various songs that made the moment more memorable. Such ambiance of the area was filled with peace as the scouts felt their unity and courage being strengthened.

During the next day a whole new set of activities was carefully laid out for them. As the day ended, some members were given recognition for their outstanding qualities.

Individual Awards:
Most Energetic – Floresse Trinidad
Most Courteous – Jesah Gano
Most Promising – Rachelle Dakis
Best Boodle Fighter – Vianka Barraca
Best Patrol Leader – Anna Bansale

Group Awards:
Best in Food Presentation – Patrol Ruby (headed by Whelaine Baljon)
Most Resourceful – Patrol Aquamarine (headed by Alyssa Kit)
Most Punctual – Patrol (headed by Rachelle Dakis)
Best in Bonfire Presentation – Patrol Topaz (headed by Shannon Crespo)
Most Cooperative – Patrol Aquamarine (headed by Alyssa Kit)
Most Orderly – Patrol Ruby (headed by Whelaine Baljon)
Best Costume – Patrol Ruby (headed by Whelaine Baljon)
Overall Best Patrol - Patrol Topaz (headed by Shannon Crespo)

--Renee Cortez & Rhona Samutya, Year III – Sapphire

Battle of the Brains

As the school year slowly approaches its end, many of our fellow St. Johnites have been given the chance to showcase their exemplary and prodigious skills in different areas like declamation and spelling. The spotlight is now directed towards the descendants of Einstein and Descartes who have been gifted with outstanding skills in analytical thinking, problem solving and scientific reasoning. The quiz bee was triumphantly supervised by the SMCC officers together with their adviser, Ms. April Joy Pingoy. Through their collaborative and painstaking effort, the students had a chance to prove that they are academically competent in the fields of Science and Math. After a series of difficult and challenging questions, the winner for each division were named:

Science Division
Jessica Arcilla (Year 1 Onyx)
Nineveh Purificacion (Year 2 Aquamarine)
Francesco Mamaradlo (Year 3 Sapphire)
Mary Joyce Gamboa (Year 4 Emerald)

Math Division
Juztine Escarez (Year 1 Jade)
Claire Marie Villa (Year 2 Olivine)
Edgardo Ninalga (Year 3 Sardonyx)
Maria Carmina Rae V. Gonzaga (Year 4 Diamond)

--Shannon Drew Crespo & Maria Carmina Rae V. Gonzaga, Year IV – Diamond

Spelling Contest Held

Being a St. Johnite is a privilege that each of us is given and with this advantage comes another gain—the prowess we have in using the English language. With particular skills and knowledge which we owe our Alma Mater, the students of this academy annually faces another challenge—the Spelling Contest. In the finals, every speller showed his full capabilities in understanding the words and in transcribing them correctly into the strips of paper. But as how all competitions go, only one emerges victorious in each division. The following list shows the winners in each division:

Group I (preschool) - Luzel Anfernee W. Bonifacio (K2 Neptune-AM)

Group II (Grades 1 and 2) - Elijah Gian Franco R. Baculinao (Grade I Aster)
Group III (Grades 3 and 4) - Francis Andrei C. Corpuz (Grade VI Adams)
Group IV (Grades 5 and 6) - Therese Anne A. Mamaradlo (Grade VI Ampere)

High School
Group I (Years I and II) - Elyza Nicole M. Rodrigo (Year II Ruby)
Group II (Years III and IV) – Christian Lamuel G. Riparip (Year IV Diamond)

--Mikoll Pamintuan & Bryan James Bayanay, Year I – Jade

St. Johnites Exhibit Rhetorical Skills

One cannot help but feel baffled at the extraordinary display of oratorical skills of the students who contended for a spot in the Declamation Finals last December 6 and 7. As they delivered their pieces once more, tensions and nervousness filled the atmosphere. After that, the judges who were also proud St. Johnites, chose the following declaimers as the champions of the contest.

English Category: Year & Section:
Gabriel A. Matencio — Kinder 2, Neptune
Franchezca Zenaida A. Calingo — Grade 2, Anthurium
Ashley Qeliza Gesmundo — Grade 3, Daisy
Therese Anne A. Mamaradlo — Grade 6, Ampere
Maria Carmina Rae V.Gonzaga — Year 4, Diamond

Filipino Category: Year & Section:
Franchezca Zenaida A. Calingo — Grade 2, Anthurium
Erika Nathanielle Ramos — Grade 4, Adams
Czyril Hieras — Grade 5, Archimedes
Rachelle Anne Dakis — Year 4, Diamond

--Janmaverick Alarcio, Year IV, Diamond

SJA Celebrates Its 82nd Year of Excellence

Another set of festivities is currently in the making and has aroused the students’ excitement once again. With the theme “Intensifying Environmental Awareness for a Better and Safer World”, students and teachers alike gather for a grandiose celebration of our Alma Mater’s 82nd year of imparting quality education.

November 9 and 10, 2012 are days to be filled with the youth’s radiating energy as St. Johnites participate in the Friendship Games organized by the Student Council. The students engage in the various games and relays that do not only develop their skills in physical and mental play, but also promote camaraderie among teammates and opponents.

The following day, however, holds the true highlight, the main event of the Loyalty Day--the Dance Festival. After the morning activities--the Thanksgiving Mass and the opening of the different booths, the school’s terpsichoreans will display their sophisticated and lissome moves as they do these following dances to enthrall the audience:

Bhanggra Giddha (India) ‑ Years III and IV
Sumazau (Malaysia) ‑ Grades V and VI
Yakan (Philippines) ‑ Grades III and IV

Hula (Hawaii) ‑ Pre‑school
Hinneh Mah Too (Israel) ‑ Years I and II
Peacock Dance (China) ‑ Grades I and II

We wish that these events would be successful and our school would have more fruitful years to come.

-- Larissa Sia‑cunco, Yr. III Sapphire

New Generation's Speakers Revealed

Last September 6, 2012, the Declamation Contest Semi‑finals took place for the Pre‑school and Elementary Departments and on September 7, the High school. The contestants from both English and Filipino categories impressed the jurors with their prowess in public speaking and skill in transforming mere poems to moving declamations. In the end, only these descendants of Cicero were able to satisfy the judges with their performance and qualify for the Declamation Contest Finals:

Group 1 (Pre‑School)

Kenneth Obinario (Kinder‑II Neptune)
Jodie Dela Torre (Kinder‑II Neptune)
Marcus Gavino (Kinder‑I Mars)
Luzel Anfernee Bonifacio (Kinder‑II Neptune)
Lervis Ryan Castro (Kinder‑II Neptune)
Nina Sophia De Belen (Kinder‑II Neptune)
Kara Celisha Ventura (Kinder‑II Saturn)
Gabriel Matencio (Kinder‑II Neptune)
Rowlann Melvern Gan (Kinder‑II Neptune)
Gibson Andrew Banay (Kinder‑II Saturn)

Group 2 (Grades 1 and 2)

Marian Cef David Magno (Gr.I Begonia)
Rasty Dale Capistrano (Gr.I Begonia)
Sophia Elena Angeles (Gr.I Aster)
Ruyannah Karyll Beltran (Gr.II Anthurium)
Franchezca Calingo (Gr.II Carnation)
Jehan Benneth Chan (Gr.II Anthurium)
Elijah Gian Franco Baculinao (Gr.I Aster)
Hannah Anissa Alpad (Gr.II Anthurium)
Brendan De Borja (Gr.I Aster)
Paula Angela Magcami (Gr.II Anthurium)

Paula Angela Magcamit (Gr.II Anthurium)
Yzabelle Cielo Rezada (Gr.I Aster)
Hannah Anissa Alpad (Gr.II Anthurium)
Franchezca Zenaida Calingo (Gr.II Carnation)
Nicole Samantha Trinidad (Gr.II Anthurium)
Alexia Maxine Dimapilis (Gr.II Anthurium)

Group 3 (Grades 3 and 4)

Ashley Feliza Gesmundo (Gr.III Daisy)
Danniela Grace Dela Rama (Gr.III Daisy)
Cyril Nicole Egana (Gr.III Cattleya)
Maurinne Guloy (Gr.IV Adams)
Anton Simon Diesta (Gr.III Cattleya)
Jiro Leceta (Gr.III Cattleya)
Abdel Rasheed Alpad (Gr.III Cattleya)
Arabella Garcia (Gr.III Cattleya)
Patricia Lucille Du (Gr.IV Adams)
Ma. Kristine Moral (Gr.III Cattleya)

Nathaniel Azis Agustiana (Gr.IV Adams)
Patricia Lucille Du (Gr.IV Adams)
Erika Ramos (Gr.IV Adams)
Rasheed Alpad (Gr.III Cattleya)
Maurine Angline Guloy (Gr.IV Adams)
Ashley Feliza Gesmundo (Gr.III Daisy)

Group 4 (Grades 5 and 6)

Therese Mamaradlo (Gr.VI Ampere)
Czyril Hieras (Gr.V Archimedes)
Isabelle Cebu (Gr.VI Ampere)
Franze Airon Saavedra (Gr.VI Ampere)
Gian Angelo Samonte (Gr.VI Celsius)
Christine Anne Arches (Gr.VI Ampere)
Steven Louise Abedania (Gr.VI Boyle)
Nicole Andrei Par (Gr.V Archimedes)
Heather Anne Rivera (Gr.V Archimedes)
Cleo Marie Navarro (Gr.VI Draper)

Czyril Hieras (Gr.V Archimedes)
Isabelle Cebu (Gr.VI Ampere)
Therese Mamaradlo (Gr.VI Ampere)
Steven Abedania (Gr.VI Boyle)
Raven Maltezo (Gr.VI Ampere)
Ivon Cualing (Gr.V Archimedes)

Group 5 (High School)

Jerose Macalanda (Yr.IV Diamond)
Sean Lloyd Abedania (Yr.II Olivine)
Renee Cortez (Yr.III Saphhire)
Czarina Bernardo (Yr.IV Diamond)
David Misador (Yr.IV Emerald)
Christian Mabaylan (Yr.IV Diamond)
Rodolfo Raquion (Yr.II Sardonyx)
Carmina Gonzaga (Yr.IV Diamond)
Hazeline Alcaide (Yr.III Sapphire)
Yu‑Ying Cheng (Yr.I Jade)

Deniel Lobrin (Yr.IV Diamond)
Mikaela Beron (Yr.II Olivine)
Cydnie Hieras (Yr.IV Diamond)
Celine Mendez (Yr.III Sapphire)
Dominic Perez (Yr.IV Diamond)
Francesco Mamaradlo (Yr.III Sapphire)
Kimberly Villarojo (Yr.I Jade)
Caryl Rivera (Yr.III Sapphire)
Rachelle Dakis (Yr.IV Diamond)
Lemuel Sevilla (Yr.IV Diamond)

--Meynard Robles, Yr. IV Diamond & Nelpha Trino, Yr. II Ruby

St. Johnites Show Their Perception
of the Filipino Culture

The VAC held its Culture Development Program last August. In this contest, a VAC member was to choose one theme to be drawn. There were three categories which the contestants chose from: Different Cultures of Filipinos, Environmental Concerns and other depictions, the Still Life. The contest aimed at showing love of country, appreciation of life, the achievements of humankind and the celebration of the Linggo ng Wika.

Out of the magnum opuses, only three stood out. The judges espied in their drawings their unique and original depiction of how Filipinos patronize and appreciate their culture, customs and traditions. These are the contestants who most brilliantly incorporated their artistic skills in their love and pride of being a Filipino:

1st ‑ Patricia S. Oxales ‑ Yr. 2 ‑ Ruby
2nd ‑ Larissa Jean S. Sia‑ Cunco ‑ Yr. 3 ‑ Sapphire
3rd ‑ Ma. Carmina V. Gonzaga ‑ Yr. 4 ‑ Diamond

--Anna Loreto A. Bansale, Yr. IV Diamond

SC Holds UN Flag Making Contest

On October 24, 2012, the High School and Elementary Department presented the flags of their respective countries. Each section had its own style of presentation and was not afraid to go all out. From the very first subject, the students brightened up their classrooms and thought of ways to win. This proved just how knowledgeable the sections were of the culture of the countries assigned to them. Students were united as one and fostered cooperation with one another while extracting and sharing their ideas in using recycled materials in preparing the flag. Through that activity, they were able to grasp an even more stable concept of the value of unity and cooperation in a group that would soon extend to the outside world. These are the sections that have shown superior skills in portraying their country's ethnicity:

High School: 
1st - Yr. IV Diamond {Kiribati}
2nd ‑ Yr. II Ruby {Ecuador}
3rd - Yr. I Turquoise {Oman}

1st - Gr. V Dalton {United Kingdom}
2nd ‑ Gr. VI Celcius {Tajikistan}
3rd ‑ Gr. VI Boyle {Zimbabwe}

--Yu‑ying Cheng, Year I Jade

SJA Holds Its Annual Student Council Election

Every year, St. John’s Academy allocates an entire week for the annual campaign and election of the Student Council. The said organization consists of the crème de la crème, the select few that the students choose to lead, to serve as good role models, to protect the students’ rights and to work for their welfare. This democratic process encourages the students, the elected officers and voters alike to face and assume responsibilities and duties they are tasked to perform.

The two parties that vied for this year’s SC officers are: the Uni Maxima Victus Party, which proclaims that unity is the biggest strength, and the Vox Domini , which embodies both the students’ and the Lord’s voice as well.

At the start of the second week of July, the campaign started. Each party from July 9 up to July 10 went door to door from Grade 5 to the 4th Year High‑school to try to win the votes of the students. Last July 11, the yearly Miting de Avance was held in the auditorium. The program started with both parties’ grandiose entrances, followed by the delivery of each of the candidates’ speeches. The program ended with the question and answer portion where candidates were asked about their inspirations, intentions, and reactions to certain situations. The voters saw the candidates’ wit and intelligence and they had a clearer idea of whom they were going for. The next day, July 12, the actual election took place early in the morning. After a whole day of painstaking manual counting, the COMELEC had come up with the results and posted them later that day for everyone to see. Those who emerged victorious are:

President: Rachelle Anne L. Dakis
Vice‑President: Paula Camille B. Incapas
Secretary: Vincent Luigi A. Pacheco
Treasurer: Czanelle Rein G. Laruscain
Auditor: Alisha Clare M. Del Ocampo
Bus. Manager: Erwin B. Garcia Jr.
P.R.O.: David Anthony M. Misador
Sgt at Arms: John Conrad P. Dacusin
                     Kathleen Kaye V. Webb

--Lean Marcel David / Yr III ‑ Sapphire

New Faces of Inspiration Are Here to Serve
St. Johnites

To help nurture the character and academic facets of every St. Johnite, the administration has employed a number of bright individuals who have the competitive minds and passionate hearts to complete the roster of SJA teaching force this SY 2012‑2013.

Pre ‑ School and Elementary Department

Ms. Riza B. Binalay
This determined graduate of Cagayan State University with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education is, at present, teaching all subjects to the first‑graders. Having concern for them, she keeps in mind her objective of selflessly developing the children’s skills in different areas.

Ms. Wendel O. Cabalagnan
This graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education (Major in Biological Science) in Pamantasan ng Montalban is currently teaching Science, Math and Filipino. She is a 26‑year old mentor who has an established willingness to help our school in maintaining its standard.

Mr. Angelo J. Confiado
He took up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English at the National Teachers College. He is assigned to guide the grade six students in English, Math, Social Studies, H.E.L.E, Filipino and G.M.R.C. He has the eagerness to inspire his pupils and to do the best he can to continue honing their talents and capabilities.

Mr. Erwin E. Ganzon
A graduate of Bachelor in Business Teacher Education in Polytechnic University of the Philippines, this high‑spirited gentleman is teaching H.E.L.E., Filipino, Social Studies and G.M.R.C to his grade six pupils. Having accepted this year’s challenge of educating the young minds, he considers the accomplishment of his tasks his very target.

Ms. Concepcion S. Lidres
This woman of great devotion to teaching finished her degree of Bachelor in Business Teacher Education at Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Sta. Mesa. Presently, she is guiding her grade two pupils and is inculcating in them knowledge and values in all of their subjects. She would do everything to make them learn the many things from her.

Ms. Zsarimae B. Malabanan
Equipped with unwavering dedication for the little ones, this young mentor, who finished a Bachelor’s degree of Elementary Education, Major in Pre‑School Education from Bulacan State University is always seen with cordial smile, reflecting her motto of putting God first in all that she does. She is currently striving to educate and mold both her Nursery and Kinder 2 classes.

Ms. Ednalin Perez
Imparting her knowledge and skills to her pupils is one of this lady teacher’s goals as part of SJA teaching staff. From Romblon State College, Sibuyan branch and having finished Bachelor of Elementary Education, she is ever ready to fulfill her professional obligations as MAPEH, Social Studies and HELE teacher of grades 3, 4 and 5 respectively.

Ms. Rubielyn P. Rayos
This 23‑year old lady from Marinduque took Bachelor of Elementary Education in that same locality’s State College. She found St. John’s Academy a right venue for her to be able to render an exemplary service especially to her pupils. She believes that she has what it takes to help children learn more effectively.

Ms. Marvee Klareen M. Robiso
This vibrant woman is a graduate of Bachelor of Science (Physical Science) in Education at EARIST. She is tasked to impart knowledge to her pupils in their Science, Math, Social Studies, H.E.L.E and Filipino subjects. According to her, she wants to contribute to the further growth and development of her students and of the school.

Ms. Angely A. Sudaria
A 21‑year old woman who took General Education from Tarlac College of Agriculture teaches her grade one students in all their subjects. This idealistic lady hopes to positively make an impact in her pupils’ lives by helping them develop their potentials.

High School Department

Ms. Jaylene A. Domingo
This affable 22‑year old lady who graduated from The National Teacher’s College with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English is now the adviser of Y3-Sapphire. She believes that in St. John’s Academy, she would be able to fulfill her role well as an English teacher and as an adviser to all her wonderful students.

Ms. Aiza Batalla
Ready to hurdle all teaching challenges, this simple yet well-determined persona would defy all strains of work just to bring her stay at St. John’s Academy into fruition. Graduated from the Partido State University with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English, she has the most willing heart to serve her students and to pass on to them the knowledge that she has.

Mrs. Delia Aspiras
Her animated style of teaching makes her students enjoy her lessons to the fullest. This woman who graduated from Lourdes College with the degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Religious Education has many things to offer. Having been asked to teach different subjects, she assures that students would learn from her. She loves the challenge of defying herself, teaching even outside her field.

Mr. Michel B. Collado
This knowledgeable 25‑year old man graduated from The University of Caloocan City with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in General Science and Minor in Math. Aside from the fact that he got the knowledge and ability to transmit learning to his students through his expertise, he chose to teach at St. John’s Academy knowing that the institution will be a great aid in his personal development and professional advancement, too.

Ms. Maricel R. Gutierrez
She is an amusing 22‑year old lady who graduated from the National Teacher’s College with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics. She came to selflessly impart her knowledge to the full extent to the second and third year students.

Mrs. Ochinang
Seen as a very composed woman, she goes out of her way to help students understand every lesson she introduces in the class. Graduated from the Cagayan Colleges with a degree in Secondary Education major in Math, she is now sharing in the fulfillment of the Mathematics department’s goals.

--Angelika Dumling & Floresse Trinidad, Yr.1 Jade;
Jan Samantha Calaquian, Yr. 3 Sapphire


29th National Encampment held,
SJA Cadets participate

Last April 16‑22, 2012 the Aerospace Cadets of the Philippines (ACP) held its 29th national encampment at Fernando Airbase in Batangas City. Some ACP officers of St. John's Academy, together with their commandant, Mr. Von Vinton Dela Serna attended this event. This week of encampment taught them discipline as shown even in their manner of eating wherein they were ordered to practice a "square meal". But most of all, they learned how to become good military cadets who also developed sense of unity as they underwent different kinds of drills and trainings.

 The following cadets represented St. John's in this year's encampment:

C/Capt. Cordeta, Joshua John Sicat
C/1st Lt. Gonzaga, Maria Carmina Rae Villanueva
C/1st Lt. Lacson, Victor Anthony, Cledoro
C/1st Lt. Sra, Navinder Singh
C/1st Lt. Baljon, Whelaine Gail Antojo
C/1st Lt. Bauto, Raeven Ronn Tamayo
C/1st Lt. Riparip, Christian Lemuel Grande
C/1st Lt. Sevilla, Lemuel Lobenia

Also, the SJA‑ACP cadet wing was finally represented once again in the IACE after several years, when a participating cadette, C/1st Lt. Gonzaga, was able to rank 9th among those who were present.

Because of that encampment we are assured that these officers are infused with the proper knowledge and discipline needed as they mold the future cadets of this institution.

--Ross Miguel Oliver P. Cruz, Year IV‑Diamond

Teachers Undergo Further Training for the
New School Year

The teachers of St John’s Academy had their training program dealing with the different aspects of education last summer 2012. With our high school principal, Mrs. Rosalinda B. Ortega as the program’s chairman and with the members of the administration, the program that lasted for a week was held smoothly and successfully.

The school invited resource speakers who discussed the K to 12, classroom management, application of scientific concepts and cyberbullying. Our English coordinator, Mrs. Emerita P. Tagal, led the English Proficiency seminar and administered tests which included Spelling, Composition writing and proficiency test. The program was a success and what they acquired in their training has been utilized and clearly shown in the classroom setting.

--Pauline Shane Grado, Yr. 2 Ruby

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