SY 2011-2012:

» Honorable Mario G. Montejo Inspires the Graduates of Batch 2012!

» Best Declaimers of the Year Named

» SMCC Quiz Bee: A Complete Success

» Spelling Contest 2012: A Display of Orthographic Prowess

» SJA-ACP Turnover of Commands and Graduation Ceremony Held

» Declamation Finals Showcased Eloquent Speakers

» UN Flag Making Contest Displayed Students’ Creativity
   and Concern for Mother Nature

» New Members Formally Made Boy Scouts

» SJA Celebrated 81 Years of Nurturing the Youth and Academic Excellence

» Student Council Officers Take Oath

» New Mentors Instill Knowledge in St. Johnites

» ACP Encampment Fosters Strengthened Camaraderie among Cadets

Honorable Mario G. Montejo Inspires the Graduates
of Batch 2012!

Sworn into office by President Benigno S. Aquino III, Secretary Mario G. Montejo serves the Department of Science and Technology, one of the highly acclaimed government institutions, which specializes in the environmental concerns of the whole nation. Being such dependable person in his own trade and having been acknowledged in several outstanding performances in his field, St. Johns, thus, decided to choose him as the distinguished resource person to address the High School graduates and to share with them some inspirational thoughts last March 28, 2012.

Secretary Montejo earned his Bachelor of Science Major in Mechanical Engineering from the University of the Philippines Diliman in 1975, and placed 6th in the 1975 Mechanical Engineering Board Examinations. He said that science and technology is always needed for a sound business model. He has a motto which is “Local Technology Works!”. His speech moved the Seniors and made them realize that there are many opportunities in life to consider and that they must grab them without hesitation. Also, he made the students seethat life is always coupled with scientific perspectives--natural wealth and its disturbances have great impacts in everyone's living and that students nowadays must keep an open eye on ecological matters and pursue studies in line with this discipline. He also stated that the graduates must not waste the education that they have since it is an irreplaceable thing--one that can never be stolen by others; hence, this must be used wisely.

Honorable Mario Montejo served as the Seniors' guiding light who showed them how the reaI world works and how they could be able to surpass all the trials in life.

—Michaela Dee / Yr 4 Diamond

Best Declaimers of the Year Named

The Declamation Contest Semi‑Finals was held last September 7, 2011. Every St. Johnite who courageously responded to this annual challenge was given the chance to showcase his oratory skills and was goaded to deliver his chosen piece with confidence and conviction in front of the thrilled crowd. The audience and even the panel of jurors watched and applauded in amazement and admiration as they saw the passion in every contender's delivery in this line of craft.

All of the contestants gave their best but only the 11 who stood out the most were chosen as the finalists from the English and Filipino categories who advanced to the final round held last December 7.

The alumni who were invited to be the panel of jurors finally made their decision and proclaimed the three best declaimers for the English and Filipino Categories. The winners were:

ENGLISH CATEGORY - John Remil P. Isaga (Year IV‑Diamond)

FILIPINO CATEGORY - Christian Mabaylan (Year III‑Sardonyx)

—Erielle Deocariza / Yr 4‑Diamond

SMCC Quiz Bee: A Complete Success

Spearheaded by its adviser, Ms. Lalaine Sabayle, the Science, Math and Computer Club once again successfully organized its annual Quiz Bee. Held last February 29, it showcased the intellectual prowess of our dear St. Johnites.

The competition was divided into the Science and Math categories with five groups of four competing in each. Each group was handpicked by four Math and Science teachers, with a student from each year level. The contest had three rounds--easy, average and difficult. Furthermore, each correct answer had a varying number of points: 1, 3 and 5 respectively. After the difficult round, the two groups with the highest number of points will go head to head in a Tie‑Breaking Round, wherein aside from a written solution, each group must also give an oral explanation of the steps taken to arrive at the solution. The group that got the correct answer first won.

The Science category which was held that morning covered topics from Biology, General Sciences, Chemistry and Physics. The Math category on the other hand, held in the afternoon, tackled topics ranging from Algebra & Geometry to Trigonometry to Statistics then to Introductory Calculus. The contest really tested the student's mental adroitness and team work. There really was a lot of tension throughout the game but in the end, only one group per category emerged the victor.

They are as follows.

Science Quiz Bee:
Judith Cham ‑ IV Diamond
Michelle Gonzales ‑ III Sardonyx
Francesco Martin Mamaradlo ‑ II Ruby
Alyssa Samantha Guingab ‑ I Turqoise

Math Quiz Bee:
John Paul Mamaradlo ‑ IV Diamond
Danielle Montayre ‑ III Sapphire
Paulina Manzano ‑ II Olivine
Rachel Samutya ‑ I Jade

Spelling Contest 2012:
A Display of Orthographic Prowess

The English Literary Circle successfully conducted its annual Spelling Contest. This event which aims to further promote the St. Johnites' orthographic and vocabulary skills, was held last January 31, 2012. Eliminations were quite rigorous and in the end, very few remained. The Elementary Department was composed of four divisions--Kinder 1‑Kinder 2, Grades 1‑2, Grades 3‑4, and Grades 5‑6. The High School Department on the other hand was divided into two groups--the freshmen and sophomores, then the juniors and seniors.

Several students took the stage at the beginning of the contest, but some of the words quickly narrowed the competition down to a few. Since then, the contest only intensified, leaving both competitors and spectators agitated until only one from each group emerged victorious.

The orthographic champions are as follows:

High School:
Group 1: Camille Jasmine Sauz (Yr. 2 Ruby)
Group 2: John Paul Mamaradlo (Yr. 4 Diamond)

Grade School:
Group 2: Kyla Navarro (Gr. 2 Anthurium)
Group 3: Alexander Kenneth Pabiona (Gr. 4 Adams)
Group 4: Kyle Cedric Hezeka (Gr. 6 Ampere)

—Sophia Hugo / Yr IV Diamond

SJA-ACP Turnover of Commands and Graduation Ceremony Held

Last February 23 marked such a memorable event for all cadets and cadettes alike as the annual turnover of the chain of commands was held. It was another significant day for all Seniors and C.O.A.'s for this occasion served as the signal for the end of their long and arduous journey on the way to becoming graduates of the Aerospace Cadets of the Philippines. To make this event even more memorable was the presence of Lt. Col. Antonio Tañamor who congratulated and saluted each of the proclaimed cadet and cadette graduates. Mr. Joshua John S. Cordeta takes over the throne for the ever‑coveted position of being the wing commander. He, along with the aid, support, and guidance of his fellow officers, will now take charge of the responsibility over the school's A.C.P. squadron effective next school year.

—Jorel Martinez / Yr 4‑Diamond

Declamation Finals Showcased Eloquent Speakers

Last December 6 and 7, the annual Declamation Finals for Elementary and High School Departments respectively, was held in the school covered court spearheaded by the English Literary Circle (ELC). The contest was categorized into English and Filipino. The contestants gave their best in displaying their oratorical skills and stood with confidence in front of the judges and their fellow St. Johnites.

This year’s list of winners is as follows:


Group I (Pre-School)
 English Category

  1. Brendan C. De Borja - Champion
  2. Ronillan Gan - 2nd place
  3. Gabriel A. Matencio - 3rd place

Group II (Grades I and II)
 English Category

  1. Franchezca  A. Calingo - Champion
  2. Kjah S. Young - 2nd place  
  3. Mary Julienne R. Lauigan – 3rd place

 Filipino Category

  1. Hannah Anissa M. Alpad - Champion
  2. Jiro M. Leceta - 2nd place
  3. Genesis Sam L. Cuevas - 3rd place

 Group III (Grades III and IV)
  English Category

  1. Juliette Aumor Psyche Domondon – Champion
  2. Czyril C. Heiras - 2nd place
  3. Patricia Lucille P. Du - 3rd place

  Filipino Category
       1.   Czyril C. Heiras - Champion
       2.   Patricia Lucille P. Du - 2nd place
       3.   Erika Nathaniel S. Ramos – 3rd place

  Group IV (Grades V and VI)
   English Category

  1. Therese Anne A. Mamaradlo – Champion
  2. Rickee Mae R. Montes - 2nd place
  3. Angelica Marie D.C. Dumling - 3rd place



 English Category

  1. John Remil P. Isaga  -  Champion  (IV – Diamond)
  2. Justin Clyde Basa     -   2nd place  (III – Sapphire)
  3. Jose Maria Bautista  -   3rd place  (IV – Alexandrite)

 Filipino Category

  1. Christian James Mabaylan   – Champion (III – Sardonyx)
  2. Michaela Dee                       –  2nd place  (IV – Diamond)
  3. Angelica Beata Purificacion  – 3rd place  (IV – Diamond)

UN Flag Making Contest Displayed Students’ Creativity and Concern for Mother Nature

Formed on October 24, 1945, United Nations is an international organization that promotes global awareness and fosters amicable relations among countries around the world.  

To commemorate its foundation, the Student Council chose some countries to be represented by each class from Grade 5 to 4th year High School for this year’s creative flag-making contest. The students were instructed to use only recyclable materials in making their flags. All participating classes exerted effort to come up with the best presentation using the required materials. Finally, last October 21, after the Student Council had visited every classroom and had judged their presentations, the following classes emerged as the Top 3 in the Elementary and High School Departments:

Elementary School Level:
Champion: Gr. 6 Ampere – Antigua and Barbuda
First: Gr. 6 Celsius – Macedonia
Second: Gr. 5 Archimedes – Kiribati

High School Level:
Champion: Yr. 4 Diamond – St. Pierre Miquelon
First: Yr. 3 Sapphire – Swaziland
Second: Yr. 2 Ruby – Bermuda

This event did not only remind the students of the important role of the UN in maintaining peace and cooperation among member-states, but also raised their awareness about Mother Earth. It also displayed the creativity of each class and the cooperation among the students to make their class stand out.

New Members Formally Made Boy Scouts

Last October 12, the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) held their much-awaited investiture ceremony in the covered court. The ceremony was led by Mr. Von Vinton dela Serna, BSP adviser, and Edward John Merced, Senior Platoon Leader. The scouts showed their unified discipline through their marching at the start of the program. After being introduced, 12 new scouts recited the Scout Law which they would follow, solemnized by the candlelight. Then, every scout recited the Scout Oath as each of the three candles representing the three duties of a Boy Scout was lighted. The climax of the investiture was the putting of the neckerchiefs, the act that formally made new members as Boy Scouts. The event ended with their handshakes and the Boy Scout Benediction.

SJA Celebrated 81 Years of Nurturing the Youth and Academic Excellence

Last November 13, St. John’s Academy held its 81st Loyalty Day. With the theme “Nurturing Strength of Character and Academic Excellence towards Global Competitiveness”, it continues its goal of molding students into responsible and productive citizens who could mostly stand out amidst the crowd.

To celebrate its Foundation Day, the school  prepared a series of activities. It started with the Friendship Games in which students displayed their athletic prowess in the different sports categories. A Thanksgiving Mass was also held the following day and the ceremonial Flag Rites followed it. The opening of the booths highlighted the actual day for it aimed to offer the visitors simple delicacies prepared by different school organizations and games to spice up the grand celebration. In addition, there were games all set by some faculty members near the mini-stage that increased the entertainment part. The Dance Festival which was held in the afternoon climaxed the celebration. The dancers in their colorful and diverse costumes struck the audience with amazement as they performed their much rehearsed dance steps. The dances for this year’s event were as follows:

  1. Idudu – Yrs. 1 and 2
  2. Music of the 90’s – Preschool
  3. Bollywood – Grades I and 2
  4. Pangalay – Grades 3 and 4
  5. Swing – Grades 5 and 6
  6. Masskara – Yrs. 3 and 4

As the students and teachers of St. John’s Academy combined their efforts to make the event successful, the Loyalty Day left another mark as SJA continues its legacy of nurturing the youth and strengthening their character to face the life ahead. 

Student Council Officers Take Oath

Last July 12, the Dirigo and UnioNovarum parties, led by their respective presidential candidates John Martin R. Serrano and Vincent Louis A. Pacheco, paid a visit to a number of classrooms in the elementary department and all sections in the high school department to show their proposals for the school. The tiring yet rewarding campaign period lasted for two days which was sufficient for the parties to present their agenda for this school year.

After the campaign period, the candidates then prepared for the Miting de Avance, one of the most glamorous events in the school and the last opportunity for the candidates to prove why they deserve to be seated in certain positions in the most prestigious organization in the campus, the Student Council.

Three days later, the selected Elementary and students decided who the worthy officers were through a traditional ballot-type election. Through the concerted effort of the COMELEC members, spearheaded by John Paul A. Mamaradlo, the results were revealed to the public later that afternoon.

The winners are as follows:

President: John Martin R. Serrano (IV-Diamond) (Dirigo)
Vice‑President: Kathreen Anne M. Estanislao (IV-Diamond) (Dirigo)
Secretary: Kathleen Nicole M. Gascon (IV-Diamond) (Dirigo)
Treasurer: John Dominic L. Perez (III-Sapphire) (Dirigo)
Auditor: Nineveh V. Purificacion (I-Onyx) (Dirigo)
Business Manager: Edgardo A. Niñalga (II-Olivine) (Dirigo)
P.R.O.: Robert Russel B. Kikuchi (IV-Alexandrite) (UnioNovarum)
Sergeants-at-Arms: Mary Claire G.L. Madridondo (I-Jade) (UnioNovarum)
                                Daniela Angela R. Frigillana (II-Ruby) (Dirigo)

These are the new paragons of versatility who are chosen to lead the student body. Through their guiding light and unswerving loyalty to our Alma Mater, we are assured from them a smooth and fruitful school year.

—Marco Jerome L. Gatpandan & John Remil P. Isaga, Yr. IV-Diamond

New Mentors Instill Knowledge in St. Johnites

Grade School Department:

Ms. Jennylene E. Adarayan
This 25-year old lady hailed from the Rizal Technological University. She currently teaches Filipino and Social Studies in Grade VI, Filipino in Grade V, and Language in Grade III. She is a down-to-earth teacher who firmly believes in the saying “Live life to the fullest”.

Ms. Nonievi B. Balisi
This 25-year old lady graduated from the Lyceum of Tuao in the province of Cagayan with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education, Major in English. She is currently the adviser of GradeII-Bougainvillea. Her mission in life which she continues to fulfill is to give and share her knowledge with the youth of this society.

Ms. Lorainne M. Belarmino
Flexible is the best description for this 25-year old graduate of the Adamson University. She graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education. She is presently teaching HELE in Grade IV-Copernicus and is a Kinder 2 adviser in this institution. Her mission is to pass knowledge to the youth and ensure that the next generation will be better educated, more caring and more committed than the last.

Ms. Anna Marie T. De Lara
“To God be the glory”, this is the quotation followed by this 22-year old lady who graduated from Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Mathematics. She currently teaches Mathematics to the Grade IV and VI students, and MAPE and GMRC in Grade V.

Ms. Arlibeth P. Escalante
This 24-year old lady is a graduate from The National Teachers College with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education, Major in General Studies. She is currently the adviser of Grade I-Begonia. Her mission in life is to impart her knowledge and mold the minds of the youth.

Ms. Sharlene F. Ho
At just 20 years old, this lady is a fresh graduate of the St. Louis University in Baguio with the degree of Bachelor of Science, Major in Psychology. She currently teaches HELE in Grade IV-Burbank and is also the adviser of Nursery-Milkyway. She has a ceaseless purpose to teach young learners of this institution.

Ms. Baby Girl G. lgnacio
This young lady graduated from the Universidad de Manila with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Biology. She is 25 years old and is currently teaching Science III, V, and VI, Filipino VI, HELE VI, and GMRC III.

Mr. Armando S. Ponce, Jr.
Hailing from The National Teachers College with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Biological Science, this 21-year old gentleman is currently teaching six subjects in Grade V, namely Language, Science, HELE, Filipino, Social Studies, and GMRC. This gentleman’s mission is to be a good facilitator of learning.

Ms. Seychelle R.
She is a lady who wants to produce productive and competitive pupils in the near future. This 21-year old lady is a product of Romblon State University with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education, Major in General Studies. She is currently teaching G.M.R.C., Social Studies, Filipino, and Math.

Ms. Jineveb N. Segobia
Hailing from far-away ADTC in Misamis Occidental with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education, this 25-year old lady is presently teaching Language, Science, Social Studies, Filipino and Math in Grade III. Although a neophyte in this institution, she keeps her work organized and manages to perform her tasks well.

Ms. Marchen C. Tibooc
A product of Mindanao State University, this 22-year old lady is now imparting knowledge to students here in SJA with the mission of molding students into better persons. She is currently teaching Language V, Science IV and V, HELE IV and V, and GMRC V.

High School Department:

Ms. Lessley B. Cleofas
This witty and charming graduate of the Universidad de Manila with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Physical Education, Minor in Music, Arts and Health, at age 25, is now an enthusiastic teacher of P.E.H.M. in the high school department. Her goal of not just imparting knowledge, but nurturing life-long learners is what she is trying to achieve today.

Ms. Cindy B. Fontanos
This timid lady can surprise you with her teaching capabilities. A fresh graduate from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines with a degree of Bachelor of Arts specializing in English, she is currently teaching Composition and Literature to the Freshmen and Sophomores. This young lady aims to impart knowledge to students with confidence and love.

Mr. Willy B. Talaogon
This passionate educator is a 22-year old graduate who earned his degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Mathematics from the Dr. Emilio B. Espinosa, Sr. Memorial State College of Agriculture and Technology. He is currently leaching Mathematics to the First and Second Years.

—Oliver Ian C. Poblete, Yr. IV-Diamond & Czarina Ysabel O. Bernardo, Yr. III-Sapphire

ACP Encampment Fosters Strengthened Camaraderie among Cadets

Last April, some selected officers were asked to participate in the ACP Encampment held inside the Clark Air Base in Pampanga. The week-long encampment offered a basis of standardization among all ACP instruction. The encampment also served as a sort-of audition in order to know the capable delegates for the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) which will be held in Singapore. As expected of all military activities, the hardship faced by the officers was the strict military discipline implemented in all of their daily endeavors. Even their mealtime movements were all coordinated through a method called the “Square Meal”, and that was just a small part of their challenges.

The following were the cadets who attended the said encampment:

C/Col. Ruiz, Anthony Gatdula
C/Lt. Col. Azis, Mohammad Al-GandheAzis
C/Lt. Col. Guzman, Mark Paul Jacinto
C/Maj. Estanislao, Kathreen Anne Malitao
C/Maj. Takeda, Herald Cezar Cledera
C/Capt. Peralta, Joshua Michael Patrick Rodrigo

These cadets have brought a refreshed instruction of ACP to our Alma Mater. Thanks to the encampment, the ACP officers are now instilling a better sense of military discipline and esprit de corps among the promising cadets of this institution.

—John Remil P. Isaga, Yr. IV-Diamond

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