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SY 2010-2011:

» Dr. Bacani Graces Graduation Day

» Seville and Crudo Speak to Young Achievers

» Flight Drill Held at Villamor Air Base

» Junior-Senior Prom Bedazzles Participants

» Declamation Contest Finals Amazes Everyone

» SJA Witnesses Orthographic Prowess

» SMCC Quiz Bee, A Tremendous Success

» Annual Handog Pasko Serves as Early Christmas for Less Fortunate

» Students Celebrate the 80th Year of SJA's Excellence

» Declamation Semi-Finals Are Held, A Prelude to a Clash

» GSP Holds Investiture

» New Student Council Officers are Ready to Take on Responsibilities

» SJA Welcomes New Molders of the Youth

» Clubs and Organizations Are Recognized

» Faculty Club Officers Are Ellected

Dr. Bacani Graces Graduation Day

March is a very special month, for it is a signal that tells us that the end of the school year is rapidly approaching. April 1 is a very special date for the Fourth Year students because it is the day that they will say farewell to their friends, teachers, and their Alma Mater during their Graduation Day. For this special event, the school has invited a prominent government official to speak to the Seniors and give words of wisdom as they leave their second home.

The speaker for Graduation Day, Dr. Ramon Bacani, is the current center director of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Center for Educational Innovation and Technology (SEAMEO INNOTECH). His educational background includes a Doctor of Education in Educational Administration at Western Mindanao State University, a Master’s Degree in City Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management Engineering at the De La Salle University. He has also been a consultant for the World Bank, a senior economist and regional planner at the National Economic Development Authority, and an Undersecretary for Regional Operations at the Department of Education.

Dr. Bacani has indeed acquired the fruits of his labor. By continuing to achieve even after achieving a lot, he has reached his present status. It will do the Seniors some good if they follow Dr. Bacani’s example so that they, too, will be successful figures in the future.

--Marc Louis R. Castillo, Yr. IV‑Diamond

Seville and Crudo Speak to Young Achievers

On March 30, the school will hold the Recognition Day and on April 4, the Grade School Closing Exercises. Recognition Day is the day when the achievers of the school receive medals for their continued efforts and achievements. Meanwhile, the Grade School Closing Exercises is the day when the Grade 6 pupils officially begin their journey as High School students. For these two occasions, SJA has invited Cerise Crudo and Mark Albert Seville, two former St. Johnites, to address these students as to what made them the persons they are.

Cerise Crudo, the speaker for Recognition Day, is a member of Class 1994. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in English Language Education at De La Salle University. She has been in various teaching positions such as in San Juan Little People’s Montessori in 1999 and in Maria Lena Buhay Oral School for the Deaf from 2001 to 2003. At present, she is an English teacher at the Department of English and Applied Linguistics in DLSU. Another noteworthy position that she had was as the national president of the Youth Progressive Unity for Nationalist Orientation, a group of dedicated young people that aims to reach out to other young Filipinos to engage them into a dialogue about nationalism and democracy.

The second alumnus, Mark Albert Seville, will speak to the Grade 6 pupils during their Closing Exercises. A member of Class 2000, he is a graduate of B.S. Commerce Major in Economics at the University of Santo Tomas. His being an eloquent speaker of English and Filipino and a competent leader has earned him various rewarding positions at the Bank of the Philippine Islands. At present, he is an assistant manager and a credit cards point person. Aside from being responsible for coordinating with the different credit card units, he also acts as a resource person for credit card related inquiries, requests and complaints and assists in the training and supervision of credit card trainees.

These alumni are the quintessence of success through perseverance and hard work. Staying true to the line “the little plants of yesterday have grown to be the trees you see”, they serve as examples to how these traits propelled them to victory and they hope that the addressees of their speeches will “never stray, but e’er keep true.”

--Marc Louis R. Castillo, Yr. IV‑Diamond

Flight Drill Held at Villamor Air Base

Last January 30, the annual ACP Flight Drill Competition was held at Villamor Air Base, Pasay City. Even before the sun rose, the cadets of SJA, headed by C/Maj. Braga, Larrence Paolo R., arrived at the air base, prepared to compete against other ACP Detachment Squadrons to bring honor to the school.

The time came when it was SJA's turn to show their drills. Even while the sun was shining brightly, our cadets marched in unison to the beat of the drums, ready to be inspected by the officers at the air base. All of SJA's cadets were tense as they gave their best in marching and answering the questions the officers asked them. It was a tough competition because ten other schools also competed, and they also gave their best. Although the school did not win in this competition, everyone learned new lessons during the drills.

After the drills, the officers of the air base asked for two cadets, one male and one female, from each school to compete in the field stripping competition. It was a competition wherein the cadets will disassemble and reassemble a rifle properly in the shortest amount of time possible. SJA's representatives were C/Capt. Ruiz, Adrian G. and C/Capt. Villamin, Marie Bernadette L.

All of the participating cadets gave their best in getting the shortest time. In the end, C/Capt. Ruiz brought home the championship for the male division with a time of 1 minute and 8 seconds.

--Joshua Ferdinand A. Bansale & Marie Bernadette L. Villamin, Yr. IV‑Alexandrite

Junior-Senior Prom Bedazzles Participants

February 12, 2011 was a day of glamour for the Juniors as it was their first such experience. Everyone was in a festive spirit as the Juniors and the Seniors gathered at Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City to hold the annual Junior‑Senior Prom. The boys, in their coats and ties, were frantically fixing themselves and the girls, the Juniors in pink and the Seniors in blue, were also making themselves presentable to the guests.

The program began with the couples marching down the hall and presenting themselves to the judges before proceeding to their seats. After that, a doxology to honor God’s presence was sung by Mark Paul Guzman and Angela Zapanta. Dinner was then served, and some Glee Club members serenaded everyone with their soothing voices. It was then followed by the Cotillion de Honor. Next, the Juniors sang a song, “Even If”, dedicated to the Seniors, showing their heartfelt appreciation for the help the Seniors gave them. To return the favor, the Seniors sang “Count on Me” to impart the message that they will always help the Juniors achieve their dreams. After that, everyone sang “There You’ll Be” in unison to show that friendships are eternal, and the bonds formed during that event will not be easily broken.

Next came the Turnover of Responsibilities when the SCO, headed by Bernadette Villamin, ceded the Key of Responsibility to the JCO, headed by Michaela Dee. After that, everyone danced to the beat of the music for about an hour when the most exciting part came--the announcement of the Special Awards. These awards were given to those Juniors and Seniors who exhibited exemplary grace and behavior during the event. The awards were bestowed upon the following:

Mr. Junior: Cleo Buenaventura
Ms. Junior: Michaela Sarah Dee
Mr. Senior: Miguel Lorenzo Romualdez
Ms. Senior: Ma. Rosedell Ann Azor
Mr. Prom: Santiago Hocson
Ms. Prom: Debiegayle Atienza

It was a very wonderful and fulfilling night for both the Juniors and the Seniors. Everyone left the place with a smile because it was a night worth remembering.

--Reicelene Joy N. Ignacio & Angelica Beata V. Purificacion, Yr. III‑Sapphire

Declamation Contest Finals Amazes Everyone

Last October, the Declamation Contest Semi‑Finals was held. There, we saw the marvelous oratory prowess of our fellow students as they recited their chosen pieces on the stage. We all stared with awe at the contestants as they delivered their pieces. It was a tough contest, but only the best made it to the Finals.

Last December, however, the Declamation Contest Finals was held, and the 18 finalists of the English and Filipino categories re-recited their pieces from the Semi‑Finals. From the first finalist up to the last, everyone was clapping and cheering for the contestants. Everyone heard how passionate the contestants were and everyone was really astounded.

When the last contestant had finished reciting his piece, the chairperson of the panel of jurors for the English and Filipino categories finally announced the three best declaimers from each category. The champions were as follows:

English Category:
1. Joshua Bansale (Yr. IV‑Alexandrite)
2. Carmina Gonzaga (Yr. II‑Ruby)
3. Bernadette Villamin (Yr. IV‑Alexandrite)

Filipino Category:
1. Jobelle Verano (Yr. IV‑Diamond)
2. Daniel Lobrin (Yr. II‑Ruby)
3. Renee Cortez (Yr. I‑Jade)

All of the declaimers were winners, but these were the ones who shone the brightest. They showed that if one gives his best, he will surely shine above the rest.

--Bernadette Elizah C. Sube, Yr. III‑Sapphire

SJA Witnesses Orthographic Prowess

Last January 28, The English Literary Circle (ELC) conducted the annual Spelling Contest. This contest determines the best spellers from Pre School to High School. The elimination process was very rigorous and in the end, only a few students made it to the finals. The Elementary Department is divided into four groups ‑‑ Group 1 composed of Kinder I and Kinder II, Group 2 composed of Grades I and II, Group 3 composed of Grades III and IV and Group 4 composed of Grades V and VI. The High School Department is divided into two groups ‑‑ Group 1 composed of freshmen and sophomores and Group 2 composed of juniors and seniors.

At first, there were several contestants on the stage, but some chosen words quickly whittled down the large number of contestants to only a few. From then on, the contest intensified and the remaining contestants were tense and agitated and so was the audience until eventually, only the best speller emerged from each group. The winners are as follows:

High School
Group 1 ‑ Christian Lemuel G. Riparip (Yr. II‑Ruby)
Group 2 ‑ Marco Jerome L. Gatpandan (Yr. III‑Sapphire)

Grade School
Group 1 ‑ Kjah S. Young (Kinder II‑Neptune A.M.)
Group 2 ‑ No winner
Group 3 ‑ Marvin Nicolo D. Nolasco (Grade IV‑Adams)
Group 4 ‑ Patricia Marie P. Panelo (Grade V‑Archimedes)

--Viktor Anthony C. Lacson & Lemuel L. Sevilla, Yr. ll‑Ruby

SMCC Quiz Bee, A Tremendous Success

Last February 28, the Science, Math, and Computer Club (SMCC) held the yearly SMCC Quiz Bee. This is the contest where students from all year levels showcase their talents in Math, Science, and Computer. The contest is divided into the Science division and the Math division. There were 5 groups per division, each with 4 members handpicked by the Math and Science teachers; furthermore, each group had one member from each year level to even the playing ground. The contest had three rounds: easy, average, and difficult, and correct answers in each round had a varying number of points: 1, 3, and 5 respectively. After the difficult round, the two groups with the highest number of points would proceed to the Tie Breaking Round wherein aside from a written solution, there must be an accompanying oral explanation of the steps taken to arrive at the final answer. The group that got the correct answer first would be the victors of the competition.

The Science division was held with topics ranging from Biology and General Science to Chemistry and Physics. Later that afternoon, the Math division was held, with topics ranging from Algebra and Geometry to Statistics, Trigonometry, and Introductory Calculus. The contest was really a test of mental dexterity and cooperation as the groups struggled to know the correct answer while under time pressure. There was a lot of tension and anxiety at the end of the difficult round while the groups waited for the top two contenders who would proceed to the Tie Breaking Round.

In the end, only one group in each division was announced as the champion. They were:

Science Division:
Roy Manio (Yr. IV‑Diamond)
Marvyn Velasco (Yr. I I I‑Amethyst)
Leonah Irish Bayang (Yr. I I‑Ruby)
Christine Nace (Yr. I‑Onyx)

Math Division:
Marc Castillo (Yr. IV‑Diamond)
Joshua Villamin (Yr. III‑Amethyst)
Carmina Gonzaga (Yr. II‑Ruby)
Nicole Lopez (Yr. I‑Onyx)

These students truly showed that when they are pushed to their limits, they can do seemingly hopeless tasks presented to them. Combined with camaraderie, it is what made these students emerge as victors.

--Jobelle Marie G. Verona & Jhezamine V. Parayno, Yr. IV‑Diamond

Annual Handog Pasko Serves as Early Christmas for Less Fortunate

Last December, SJA held its annual gift‑giving project, the Handog Pasko. It is done to reach out to our less fortunate brothers in San Juan and offer whatever kind of help is required. Spearheaded by the Faculty Club, the Student Council, the Aerospace Cadets of the Philippines, and the administration, it is a much anticipated project each year.

Every year, the students of SJA show their support to this project by donating food items like canned goods, noodles, and goodies. It is done to let the needy experience a bountiful Christmas despite their financial scarcity and also to bring joy and contentment to them.

Like in previous years, this event is a terrific success because of the inexhaustible support and helping hands of the students of SJA. It truly expresses the concern of St. Johnites for their brothers and sisters who seek help and are constantly in need. It also promotes the “bayanihan” spirit in the hearts of all St. Johnites.

--Marco Jerome L. Gatpandan, Yr. III‑Sapphire

Students Celebrate the 80th Year of SJA's Excellence

This coming November, St. John's Academy will be celebrating the 80th anniversary of its glorious foundation. This year's Loyalty Day theme is STRENGTHENING MORAL FOUNDATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD, which signifies that through fortifying the very essence of our humanity, we would be contributing to the creation of what could be the utopia we have all been wanting to live in.

The Loyalty Day will be preceded by the Friendship Games, an event made possible by the Sports Committee and the Student Council. On the actual day itself, there will be activities of merriment and thanksgiving. There will be a Thanksgiving Mass in the morning, followed by the Flag Rites. Afterwards, the different school organizations would be opening their booths. As it has always been awaited each year, the Dance Festival would come later in the afternoon.

The spectacular dances of this grand event are as follows:

           La Cucaracha (Mexico).............. Grades III and IV
           Dutch Couple Dance (Holland).. Grades I and II
           Tarantella (Italy)....................... Pre‑School
           Hora (Israel) ............................ Grades V and VI
           Tari‑Piring (Indonesia) ............. Years I and II
           Aray (Philippines) ..................... Years III and IV

St. John's Academy has stood for many years, proving that its quality will always be of the highest standards. It is truly the epitome of academic brilliance and it never fails to bring the best of what every student can possibly be through fostering their skills and discovering their hidden potentials.

Though the years may pass us by, we, St. Johnites, will always be a part of our Alma Mater even till the end of time and will never fail to show homage to our beloved institution which has nurtured us throughout our years.

--Roy Edward O. Manio, Yr. IV‑Diamond; Daniel C. Acaba, Yr. IV­Alexandrite

Declamation Semi-Finals Are Held, A Prelude to a Clash

The Declamation Contest Semi‑Finals was held last September 2. It was sponsored by the ELC. As it has always had been, the contest was held in the auditorium, with the contestants being divided into the English and Filipino categories. The number of contestants was less this year; nevertheless, it wasn't easy to pick those who would make it to the finals, because each and every one of them tried his best in delivering his piece.

Below is the list of the lucky contestants for each category, along with each contestant's year level, who not only were able to fully show their amazing oratory skills, but as well as to be able to do that with admirable grace and confidence:

1. Hannah Anissa Alpad -- K2‑Neptune (A.M.)
2. Kjah Young -- K2‑Neptune (A.M.)
3. Trisha Alayne Mariano -- K2‑Neptune (A.M.)
4. Franchezca Zenaida Calingo -- K2‑Neptune (P.M.)
5. Renzon Gabrielle Domingo -- K2‑Neptune (A.M.)
6. Paula Angela Magcamit -- K2‑Neptune (A.M.)
7. Cassandra Balamban -- K1‑Mars (A.M.)
8. Jae Axel Faraon -- K2‑Neptune (P.M.)
9. Cassandra Jhey De Umania -- K2‑Neptune (A.M.)
10. Ryiannah Karyll Beltran -- K2‑Neptune (A.M.)
11. Krizzie Mielle Cruz -- K2‑Neptune (A.M.)

Grades I and II
1. Patricia Lucille Du -- II‑Anthurium
2. Erika Ramos -- II‑Anthurium
3. Ashley Feliza Gesmundo -- I‑Aster
4. Christine Mae Alarva -- II‑Anthurium
5. Rasheed Abdel Alpad -- I‑Aster
6. Najaah Garcia -- II‑Anthurium
7. Ma. Kristine Moral -- I‑Aster

1. Rasheed Abdel Alpad -- I‑Aster
2. Christine Mae A larva -- II‑Anthurium
3. Erika Ramos -- II‑Anthurium
4. Lyka Hui -- I‑Aster
5. Lance Benedict Hinanay -- II‑Anthurium
6. Pritz Miko Ramos -- II‑Bougainvillea

Grades III and IV
1. Therese Anne Mamaradlo -- IV‑Adams
2. Angelica Lauigan -- IV‑Adams
3. James Raphael Sese -- III‑Cattleya
4. Jose Jeremy Montero -- III‑Cattleya
5. Steven Louise Abedania -- IV‑Adams
6. Isabel Cebu -- IV‑Adams
7. Joryll Mae Lasap -- III‑Cattleya
8. Cleo Marie Navarro -- IV‑Copernicus
9. Jane Denisse Pineda -- IV‑Burbank

1. Therese Anne Mamaradlo -- IV‑Adams
2. Angelica Denise Lauigan -- IV‑Adams
3. Steven Louise Abedania -- IV‑Adams
4. Isabelle Cebu -- IV‑Adams
5. Czyril Hier‑as -- III‑Cattleya
6. Heather Rivera -- III‑Cattleya

Grades V and VI
1. Hannin Abbie Alpad -- VI‑Boyle
2. Sophia Lorraine Du -- V‑Archimedes
3. Sean Lloyd Abedania -- VI‑Ampere
4. Nelpha Triño -- VI‑Ampere
5. Frances Darla Villena -- VI‑Boyle
6. Rickee Mae Montes -- V‑Archimedes
7. Patricia Panelo -- V‑Archimedes
8. Ingrid Hojas -- VI‑Celsius

1. Hannin Abbie Alpad -- VI‑Boyle
2. Patricia De Borja -- VI‑Ampere
3. Mikhaela Louise Beron -- VI‑Draper
4. Patricia Marie Panelo -- V‑Archimedes
5. Rickie Mae Montes -- V‑Archimedes
6. Sean Lloyd Abedania -- VI‑Ampere

Highschool Department
1. Mariael N. Aguilar -- II‑Olivine
2. John Remil Isaga -- III‑Sapphire
3. Carmina Gonzaga -- II‑Ruby
4. Phillip Garcia -- IV‑Diamond
5. Angelica Macalanda -- II‑Ruby
6. Bernadette Villamin -- IV‑Alexandrite
7. Joshua Bansale -- IV‑Alexandrite
8. Michaela Dee -- III‑Sapphire
9. Ritz Bernal -- IV‑Diamond

1. Daniel Lobrin -- II‑Ruby
2. Jobelle Verano -- IV‑Diamond
3. Renee Cortez -- I‑Jade
4. John Dominic Perez -- II‑Ruby
5. Maricar Maneja -- III‑Sapphire
6. Christian Mabaylan -- II‑Olivine
7. John Paul Mamaradlo -- III‑Sapphire
8. Angelica Purificacion -- III‑Sapphire
9. Allyssa Samson -- II‑Olivine

It might prove to be quite a spectacle this coming December on the day for the finals, as these competitors will be giving it their best to be this year's winners. This is one event that you would not ever want to miss.

--Roy Edward 0. Manio, Yr. IV‑Diamond

GSP Holds Investiture

Last September 22 and 23, the young hopes of our nation plighted to become better role models of our nation. The tranquil investiture ceremony started with the Girl Scout Hymn, which was then followed by the recitation of the Scout Laws and Promise in unison. They also pledged their allegiance to the sisterhood of the scout movement. After this, the pinning took place, which symbolizes the acceptance of the scouts to the sisterhood of the Girl Scouts. Ms. Meriales presided over the investiture and welcomed the girls to their new family.

The long wait of the scouts has finally come to an end. They are now role models of this institution. Full of eagerness, the scouts took time to reminisce over the memories of the founder of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines, Josefa Llanes Escoda. They also offered flowers and coins as an emblems of their respect.

In the years to come, these young women will pursue their aspirations to lead our nation a step closer to success.

--Michaela Sarah P. Dee, Yr. III‑Sapphire

New Student Council Officers are Ready
to Take on Responsibilities

It was in July 2010 when the arduous days of the Student Council officer aspirants began. Last July 8 and 9, the representatives of Optima Excellencia Party, headed by Phillip O. Garcia, and Unitas Imperium Party, headed by Patricia Louise G. Bonilla, presented to each student from the fifth grade to Senior high school their plans for the student body in their classroom to classroom campaign. The laborious days faced by the candidates for the race was climaxed by the Miting De Avance, which was held last July 12, 2010, where the student body witnessed the superb display of skills and talents of both parties through art and speech.

At last, after all the dedication and adversity, the student body finally had the election last July 13, 2010. A few moments after, the COMELEC, spearheaded by Larrence Paolo R. Braga, declared the new set of Student Council officers for this school year 2010‑2011. The newly‑elected officers are as follow:

President: Patricia Louise G. Bonilla (Unitas Imperium)
Vice President: Jasper Ian V. Arcilla (Unitas Imperium)
Secretary: Jia Antonela S.M. Gomez (Optima Excellecia)
Treasurer: Marco Jerome L. Gatpandan (Unitas Imperium)
Auditor: Colleen D.V. Dominguez (Unitas Imperium)
Business Manager: Marinelle H. Lopez (Optima Excellencia)
PRO: Janine C. Carlos (Unitas Imperium)
Sergeants‑at‑Arms: Justine A. Sales (Optima Excellencia), Carlo Vicente D. Perfecto (Unitas Imperium)

The triumphant officers, who have proven themselves capable of serving their fellow students to the best of their abilities, formalized their positions through the Oath Taking Ceremony which was held last July 20, 2010. Now, they are completely ready to serve and to come up with the best ideas to make this school year a more meaningful and prolific one for the students and for the faculty as well.

--Eloise Heidi F. Caranza, Yr. IV‑ Diamond

SJA Welcomes New Molders of the Youth

As the new school year begins, we also expect new mentors to give students inspiration and dedication in pursuing their education. Armed with their witty minds, knowledge and an undying urge to teach, these new molders of students are here to show their competence in teaching the students.

High School Department:

Ms. Judith Marianne S. Daguman
This 21‑year old lady hailed from the prestigious De La Salle University‑Manila with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English is one of the new teachers in the High School Department. Her goal is to teach students through Literature the wonders and beauty of a progressive society and of the goodness in life. Currently, she teaches Sophomore students, Composition and Juniors, Literature.

Ms. Lalaine C. Sabayle
Being a former St. Johnite, you can easily tell that she is destined for success. And indeed, she is. This 20‑year old mentor graduated from the Far Eastern University in Manila with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in General Science. Only in her premier year in this institution, she is already the adviser of Year III ‑ Sardonyx and a Science teacher of the Seniors.

Ms. May Ann F. Esperanza
“To change the perspective of students towards Mathematics from a complicated subject to one that makes complicated things simple.” It is the goal of the 22‑year old adviser of Year III Sapphire. Having graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Mathematics from the Philippine Normal University, we can easily say that she can fulfill her promise to her students.

Ms. Syra G. Gozo
Hailing from far‑off Sorsogon State College, this Biology major has come to St. John's Academy to impart knowledge in the field of Science. “To impart my knowledge and to make students realize where all things started,” is her goal, and the perfect words to say given the course she has taken.

Ms Marie Joy G. Castillo
A break from all the Math and Science majors in the rookie roster, this 21‑year old mentor graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines with a degree of Bachelor in Business Teacher Education, major in Business Technology. She is currently handling T.H.E. in the high school department.

Grade School Department:

Ms. Armie Joe A. Abe
This 21‑year old lass graduated from the New Era University with a degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education, major in Pre‑School Education. Her philosophy in life is simple: God is always greater than her greatest fear.

Ms. Ressa P. Aprovechar
An epitome of a brilliant mentor, she hailed from the Philippine Normal University with a degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education. For her, teaching is touching lives; thus, she applies this thought to her pupils.

Ms. Krizzle E. Cristobal
This very understanding mentor currently handles Grade II Carnation. This 20‑year old lass is a fresh graduate from the Adamson University with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in MAPEH. A classic proverb, “Time is gold,” never runs old in her perception.

Ms. Ether B. Ferrancullo
“Experience is the best teacher,” is what this graduate from the Rizal Technological University with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in General Science believes in. Also a meticulous mentor, she adheres to the wise use of time.

Ms. Aiza F. Obayan
A flexible lady, Ms. Obayan who is 21‑year old lass hailed from the National Teacher's College with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in Biological Science. According to her, all the blessings that one receives in life must be returned to God always.

Ms. Grace A. Panturas
This 28‑year old lady seems quiet and shy at first but once you get to know her, she is confident and humble. She graduated from the Jose Rizal University with a degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education, major in English. Her purpose is to educate the heart and mind of her pupils.

Ms. Eden O. Ragmat
“Behind the dark clouds, the sun is still shining.” She gets her inspiration in this thought. She is 31 years old and a graduate from the Mariano Marcos State University with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education. Even if problems occur, she would always have the hope to continue her day to day activities.

Ms. Sherida A. Root
This 23‑year old lass graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines with a degree of Bachelor of Business Technology Education, major in Technology and Livelihood Education. A lady of purpose, she believes that every teacher should teach and touch the lives of his/her students.

Ms. Ferry Joanna P. Venezuela
Armed with charm and wit, this 20‑year old lady is a fresh graduate of the National Teachers college with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in Biological Science. Her philosophy in life is, “Mind over matter.”

--John Remil P. Isaga & Judith Esther L. Chain, Yr. III‑Sapphire

Club and Organizations Are Recognized:
A Fusion of Pieces to a Puzzle

In everything that we do, there would always be a first step that we must take and that would be the start of the long walk that we would be in. Lying in the hands of these newly‑elected officers is the trust of their fellow St. Johnites who believe in them and that should be more than enough to complete the puzzle that we've been trying to figure out ever since the school year started.

Here is the list of the newly‑elected club and organization officers for this school year:

Freshmen Class Organization
President: Larissa Jean Sia‑Cunco
Vice President: Lean Marcel David
Secretary: Keana Nucelle Gascon
Treasurer: Daniela Frigillana
Auditor: Joan Lorelei Guillarte
Bus. Mngr.: Nicole Lopez
P.R.O.: Francesco Mamaradlo
Sgts.‑at‑Arms: Edgardo Ninalga, John Kevin Nebrida
Adviser: Mrs. Shirley Nadurata

Sophomore Class Organization
President: Raeven Ronn Bauto
Vice President: Irish Bayang
Secretary: Rainier Villegas
Treasurer: Shannon Crespo
Auditor: Joshua Cordeta
Bus. Mngr.: Allaine Kit
P.R.O.: Julius Sy
Sgts.‑at‑Arms: Mariz De Jesus, Carl Chan
Adviser: Ms. Jennifer Meriales

Junior Class Organization
President: Michaela Sarah Dee
Vice President: John Martin Serrano
Secretary: Francis Erielle Deocariza
Treasurer: Faith Gonzales
Auditor: Lorenzo Lim
Bus. Mngr.: Lawrence Sayco
P.R.O.: Daniel Paulino
Sgts.‑at‑Arms: Angelica Purificacion, Johanna Baniel
Adviser: Ms. May Ann Esperanza

Senior Class Organization
President: Bernadette L. Villamin
Vice President: Alvin A. Navarro
Secretary: Kristel C. Sevilla
Treasurer: Rovic P. Inocente
Auditor: Larrence Paolo R. Braga
Bus. Mngr.: Shiela Marie U. A ad
P.R.O.: Adrian G. Ruiz
Sgts.‑at‑Arms: Jameca P. Dacusin, Joshua A. Bansale
Adviser: Ms. April Joy Pingoy

English Literary Circle
President: Florenz Julian Trinidad
Vice President: Marc Louis Castillo
Secretary: Rosedell Azor
Treasurer: John Remil Isaga
Auditor: Renee Cortez
Bus. Mngr.: Ma. Pamela Sayco
P.R.O.: Enrico Joseph Aguinaldo
Sgts.‑at‑Arms: Maricon Ignacio, Bernadette Sube
Adviser: Mrs. Emerita P. Tagal

Visual Arts Club
President: Jobelle Marie Verano
Vice President: Jaeron Mendoza
Secretary: Angela Del Campo
Treasurer: Arvin Yumol
Auditor: Ramolito Javier Jr.
Bus. Mngr.: Marian Alaan
P.R.O.: Lorenzo Nacabuan
Sgts.‑at‑Arms: Geonald Gonzales, Carmina Gonzaga
Adviser: Ms. Donnalyn Villamor

Performing Arts Club
President: Francis A. Fajardo
Vice President: Angelica A. Leviste
Secretary: Jeryl A. Casiño
Treasurer: Paula Camille B. Incapas
Auditor: KC Joyce M. Beltran
Bus. Mngr.: King Errol M. Go
P.R.O.: Mychaull D.L. Santiago
Sgts.‑at‑Arrns: Earl Anthony N. Luna, Rodolfo Raquion
Adviser: Ms. Anabelle Obinguar

Glee Club
President: Patricia Bulawan
Vice President: Romnick Gumba
Secretary: Neicole Bandala
Treasurer: Oliver Poblete
Auditor: Reiden Bernal
Bus. Mngr.: Mary Rieka Ishii
P.R.O.: Angela Zapanta
Sgts.‑at‑Arms: Emille Panado, John Regie Pillado
Adviser: Mrs. Shirley Nadurata

Boy Scouts of the Philippines
Chairman: John Aemiel Amedo
Vice Chairman: Arlmin Howell Divino
Secretary: Allan Marco Perez
Adviser: Mr. Reynaldo Isaga

Being St. Johnites, we get up everytime we fall and go on though we're pushed down. We prove ourselves worthy and this makes up who we are. May this be another successful school year with undying memories for everyone.

--Enrico Joseph C. Aguinaldo, Yr. 4 ‑Diamond

Faculty Club Officers Elected

A new set of Faculty Club officers were elected for the development of peace and order, including the inculcation of discipline in every student. These teachers have proven themselves worthy of service to this institution; thus, they were chosen by their co‑teachers to lead the faculty and the students alike.

So just as the different clubs and organization in this institution have their sets of officers, the Faculty Club has also elected this set of responsible mentors to guide not only the student body, but to make sure that things run smoothly even behind the scenes. The Faculty Club Officers are as follows:

Vice President: Ms. Rochelle I. Bato
Secretary: Mrs. Shirley M. Nadurata
Treasurer: Mrs. Precilla T. Bayanay
Auditor: Mrs. Elaine E. Arenas
Bus. Manager: Mrs. Zarah Jane A. Norella
PRO.: Mr. Von Vinton P. Dela Serna
Sgt.‑at‑Arms: Mr. Joseph T. Adarayan, Ms. Jennelyn M. Rio

It is only proper that we give respect to these sets officers for they are the ones to guide us as we continue our quest for knowledge.

--Czarina Bernardo, Yr. II ‑Ruby

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