» The Youth Takes Center Stage In SJA's 86th Loyalty Day

» VAC Sparks Ingenuity Through Diorama-Making Contest

» New SC Officers to Uphold Duties

» St. John's Academy Launches Senior High

» ACP Officers Take Part in 43rd Encampment Training

» SJA Joins Metro-Wide Shake Drill

The Youth Takes Center Stage In SJA's 86th Loyalty Day

Last November 13, St. John's Academy celebrated its 86th Loyalty Day. The school took "Transforming Today's Youth into Competent, Morally Upright, and Law-Abiding Citizens of the Nation" as its theme. This shows the school's mission of turning its students into functioning members of our society and helping them flourish into greater individuals. Earlier that same morning, the school's ACP program held its flag rite. The school set up booths which offered food and entertainment and were manned by the officers of Grades 5 and 6 classes, different organizations and the Faculty Club. For the little ones there were parlor games where their parents joined in the fun. The school welcomed the members of Class 1991, the silver jubilarians as well as the other alumni of the different decades who came to greet their Alma Mater. The event's finale was the Loyalty Day Dance Festival which showcased dance numbers from different parts of the globe. The dances performed were the following:

Grades 3 and 4 - Gaway-Gaway
Grades 1 and 2 - Tarantella
Grades 7 and 8 - Tari Jarai
Pre-school - Trumpets
Grades 9,10 and 11 - Siam Dance
Grades 5 and 6 - Karatong

The Dance Fest started at 3:00 p.m. and lasted for an hour which marked the conclusion of this year's Loyalty Day.


--Nickross C. Raagas of Grade 10-Diamond

VAC Sparks Ingenuity Through Diorama-Making Contest

Last November 2, the Visual Arts Club conducted the Diorama-Making Contest to foster creativity, resourcefulness and appreciation of history among our students. The contest was participated in by the sections from Grades 5 to 11. Each class was tasked to create a miniature version of a famous landmark. The famous landmark was assigned to each class through draw lots last October 7 and on the same day, the guidelines for the contest were explained. Each diorama is required to have a height not exceeding 12 inches and has one fourth illustration board as its base. The resourcefulness and creativity of classes were tested for they must create their dioramas out of recyclable materials but still come up with exact replicas for the landmarks assigned to them. This contest is not only about artistic skills as it also tests each class' knowledge about the background of its diorama through the presentation and question-and-answer portion.

Here are the winners of the recently-concluded Diorama Making Contest and their corresponding landmarks:

Champion - Grade 5-Archimedes (Golden Gate Bridge)
1sr Runner up - Grade 6-Ampere (Christ the Redeemer)
2 nd Runner up - Grade 6-Boyle (Pyramids of Giza)

Champion - Grade 8-0livine (Mt. Fuji)
1sr Runner up - Grade 10-Diamond (Leaning Tower of Pisa)
2nd Runner up - Grade 9-Sapphire (Mt. Everest)


--Therese Anne A. Mamaradlo of Grade 10-Diamond

New SC Officers to Uphold Duties

In the morning of July 21, 2016, the new set of student council officers were revealed and had their oath-taking in front of the entire student body. But days before that, a two-day campaign period ensued between the two parties who were vying for the well-acclaimed titles of being a student council officer.
The two parties, the Astra vis Vares Party and the lntimus Amore Party, gave their all in order to win the votes for the position they aspired for during the campaign. With their flashy performance and their proposals that speak of change for our institution, they tried their best to win the heart of the masses and to accumulate as many supporters as they can. And on the next day, the Miting de Avance commenced where they had their last chance a proving themselves worthy of the students' votes.

Elections were held the next day which was spearheaded by the COMELEC and, soon enough, we had ourselves a new set of leaders ready to take on the call of duty. In few days time, led by Mrs. Gil, the new student council officers pledged to fulfil their responsibilities to the best of their capabilities. And with that, the students proudly welcomed with a round of applause the new set of leaders who will uphold their promises of change and a satisfactory school year.

Here are the newly-elected student council officers of schoolyear'16-'17:

President: Erica Grace S. Bautista
Vice President: Chelsea B. Tierra
Secretary: Aira Louise C. Aranez
Treasurer: Pocholo Miguel A. Abeleda
Auditor: Lorenzo J. Ferrer
Business Manager: Aaron De Angelo P. Lao
P.R.O.: Potre Samsiah A. Azis
Sgt.-at-Arms: lan Jeffrey L. Cadiang, Janine A. lcaca

The new set of officers aims to give their best in carrying out their duties as leaders with utmost excellence and determination.

--Vanessa Gonzales & Trisha Esguerra of Grade 10-Diamond

St. John's Academy Launches Senior High

A new chapter begins in St. John's Academy as it introduces a new year level in the high school-the Grade 11. This is in compliance with the K to 12 program of the Department of Education that requires every school to add two more years or also known as the Senior High, in its high school curriculum.

Of the many strands available, St. John's Academy decided to offer the HUMSS strand under the academic track to its senior high school students. The HUMSS or Humanities and Social Sciences strand is one avenue for the students to develop their critical thinking and communication skills as well as to foster their national pride.

The Senior High in our school has been successfully launched with a definite strand and a manageable number of students. In the future, it is everybody's wish for this endeavor to yield good results.


--Andre Santos-Tankia of Grade 9-Sapphire

ACP Officers Take Part in 43rd Encampment Training

Recently, our school was chosen to participate in the annual ACP Encampment Training last April 4 to 10. It was conducted inside the Villamor Airbase in Lipa City, Batangas and, luckily, 8 of the finest officers of our cadet wing were chosen to participate in the said event. The purpose of this training is not only to further enhance the values and qualities of the future leaders of our society, but also to give them an inside look into the lives of our country's courageous soldiers and give them a taste of what it truly means to be called a 'cadet'.

Inside they lived the ways of a soldier, braved the harshest living environments, and traversed tracks not meant for the faint-hearted. It was formidable and unforgiving, but for the cadets who have rigorously trained for months on end, it was just another gauntlet waiting to be conquered. Time slowly had its way with them and soon before they knew it, they were already packing their bags and saying their goodbye's. After seven challenging, yet unforgettable days, it was all over and they finally reached the culmination of their hard work and sacrifice.

Here is the list of cadets of our cadet wing who participated in the 43rd ACP Encampment Training:

C/ Maj. Javier, Leenard Troy Manaois
C/ Capt. Saavedra, Franze Airon Berwite
C/ Capt. Tiburcio, Shaira Mae Yutuc
C/ Capt. Santos, Rasty John Valdez
C/ Capt. Raagas, Nickross Clemente
C/ Capt. Reyes, John Michael Villaflor
C/ Capt. Bauto, Roniliza Rie Tamayo
C/lst Lt. Maravilla, Thea Gracia Raqueiio

There were some who showed more promise than others and, safe to say, our school did not lag behind in showcasing the best of the best our institution has to offer.

Congratulations to our very own S2- Intelligence Officer C./ Capt Tiburcio, Shaira Mae Yutuc for ranking Top 8 amongst 132 cadets who participated in the said event.

Now filled with entirely new resolve and undying commitment, these individuals are now ready to impart the values of discipline and unity inside the school's cadet wing.

--Rasty John Santos of Grade 10- Diamond

SJA Joins Metro-Wide Shake Drill

Last June 22, our school participated in the "Metro Wide Shake Drill" of the M.M.D.A. This is to assess the capability and readiness of our school, particularly our students in the advent of an earthquake.

With the sound of a bell or siren signaling the start of the event, the students performed the duck, cover, and hold procedure in their respective classrooms; and after this, they proceeded to their designated areas in the quadrangle for safety. The time duration of the drill was recorded and announced to all. No injury or accident was reported all throughout the event.

We hope that through these events conducted by our country's departments and organizations, we will be assured of a low number of casualties in our schools if ever such a disaster may occur.


--Vanessa Joanne H. Gonzales of Grade 10- Diamond

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