Let's sing a song for old St. John's
The school we love to us, so dear
From loving hearts, our song we raise
In joyous voices all may hear
God's blessings on St. John's, St. John's
For her our prayers, our love, our care!
Dear guardian of our youthful years
To you we sing, to you all hail!

The little plants of yesterday
Have grown to be the trees you see
The children that were once with you
Will be the nation's pride and joy!
To Alma Mater, dear we sing
The keeper of our childhood's faith
That though so far away we go
We'll never stray, but e'er keep true.

Written in 1948
Music by Col. Antonio Buenaventura



Hail, St. John's Academy!
With thy colors green and white,
All of us are proud of thee,
And we try to do thee right.

Children of St. John's are we,
Ever faithful, ever true,
And some day we'll grow to be
Doctors, lawyers, teachers, too.

Hail the children of St. John's,
With their smiling faces bright,
Ever happy, never sad,
Are the children of St. John's!

Hail the teachers of St. John's,
Ever patient, never tired,
Always prompt in teaching us
Are the teachers of St. John's!

Written in 1933 by Rita Salvosa, HS '36
Music by Aurora Romero, English & Spanish Teacher


© Copyright 2005  St. John's Academy