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An Update on C.M. Gil Scholars

1. Marc Adrian Ignacio
He is now on his last year in the University of Santo Tomas (UST) with his course AB in Sociology. He has been a consistent dean’s lister of the Faculty since he entered the AB Sociology program in 2008. Recently, he was recognized as the top dean’s lister of the Faculty of Arts and letters with an average grade of 1.156. More importantly in his graduating year, he is running for Magna cum Laude and batch valedictorian. He is also maintaining his grades for an academic award like the Latin honor and the Rector’s award for academic excellence.

At present, he is the president of the UST Sociological Society. Here, he had organized various projects in coordination with the different departments of the University and is currently writing papers for each for documentation purposes and university awards. He continues to organize activities of different nature for University awards like the Manuel L. QuezonLeadership Award and Pope Leo XIII Community Service Award. He also aspires for nominations in the annual Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) Award come March 2012.

He headed the conceptualization of the Community Development program framework and aspects which the Faculty may follow in the coming years. The document of such workshop is yet to be produced through the Artlets Student Council. He learned such strategies in the formulation of a program concept and aspects when he had his Practicum in the UST Office for Community Development.

2. Marvin Louie Ignacio
He is a Sophomore at the UP Manila College of Physical Therapy. He qualified in the Dean’s List of Scholars for Second Semester of Academic Year 2010-2011. He was exempted in the finals of Bio 22 and also did well in Humanities 18 and Communication III. He found PT 100 easy which made him more determined to be a health professional.

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