Achievement Awardees

St. John's Academy produced its first graduates in 1934 composed of five students namely: Nydia Avelino, Catalina (Nina) Nacion, Anacleta (Etang) Rumbawa, Angela (Angie) Vargas and Fred T. Vibar. A year later, the same population of students marched up the stage to claim their diplomas. Years after, there was a variation in the number of students who graduated though still quite small.

Class of '34. From left: Nydia Avelino, Catalina Nacion, Anacleta Rumbawa, Angela Vargas, Fred Vibar.

In the year 1980, the first set of officers was formed. Chito Cobarrubias '60 was elected as president; Citas Arellano-Reyes, vice-president; Aida Santos-Tankia Garcia '69, secretary; Toy Galang '55, treasurer and Bibsy Carballo '56, PRO. Mameng Vibar-Basco '35 was chairman of the Board of Directors. The members were Joe Espino '39, Ligia Martinez-Munárriz '40, Chary Munárriz '52 and Ditas Silos-Del Rosario '55.

Succeeding elections were held.

The current officers are:
President - Aida Santos-Tankia Garcia '69
Vice Pres. - Mina Tayag '88
Secretary - Red Ramos '88
Treasurer - Nati Munárriz '40
PRO - Egay Velasco G.S. '56
Asst. Sec. - Ching Rodriguez-Suva '59
Asst. Treas.- Chiqui Gil '86
Auditor - Fely Olarte - Cruz '65
Board Directors:
     Froilan de las Alas '91
     Jansen Paul del Prado '98
     Roel Mosura '97
     Nancy Jurado '94

Current SJAAA officers.

Considered as their successful projects were the Golden Book and the SJAAA Scholarship. The Golden Book came out in 1980 during the Golden Jubilee Celebration. It contains an update of the status of 800 odd high school graduates of a single school, from the youngest of Class 1980 to the early sixtyers of Class 1934. The production of the said book would not have been possible without the cooperation of its hardworking staff composed of Joe Espino '39, editor; Carmen Vibar-Basco '35, Alejandro Gil '68, Josephine Arellano-Gil '61, Natividad Munárriz '40, Rosario Munárriz '52 and Rizalina Galsim.

The SJAAA Scholarship Project was a cherished dream of the late Felicitas Arellano - Reyes '65. It started to take shape when SJAAA President Chito Cobarrubias '60 organized the Scholarship Committee in November 1981. When school opened in June 1982, its first beneficiaries Marissa Ambrosio Cabel and Dalisay Juaneza de la Cruz, walked into SJA as bonafide high school freshmen. Marissa was a class valedictorian of Pinaglabanan Elementary School while Dalisay was a salutatorian of San Juan Elementary (Central) School. After graduating from high school in St. John's, they both pushed through with their college studies. Marissa studied at CEU where she acquired her AB Psychology degree. Dalisay now holds a degree in Bachelor on Computer Data Processing Management from the PUP. However, this scholarship project was terminated in 1986.

To date, there are five successful reunions recorded. One was on January 20, 1980, followed by another one on October 25, 1981 (Alumni Hall MB). Others followed on October 27, 1990 (SJA Quadrangle), March 27, 1999 (Club Filipino) and April 15, 2000 (SJA Covered Court). The one in 1980 was a culmination of a 4 - day Golden Jubilee Celebration. An election of officers was held on this day since a big number of alumni attended the said celebration. The October 25, 1981 reunion brought together faculty and alumni from pre-war onwards. The same holds true with the two in the 90's and one in year 2000.

Alumni were recognized for excellence in their field of specialization by their Alma Mater on two occasions. On the 50th anniversary of the school in 1980, the following received plaques of recognition:

1. Mrs. Rita Salvosa- Gana, '36 - Science
2. Mr. Jose Ma. Espino, Jr., '39 - Journalism
3. Dr. Natividad Munárriz, '40 - Education (Guidance and Counseling)
4. Mr. Ricardo Lorenzo, '42 - Business Management
5. Lt. Col. Eduardo San Pascual, '42 - Community Service
6. Mrs. Milagros Arellano-Perez, '49 - Education (Guidance and Counseling)
7. Dr. Carmencita Salvosa-Loyola, '49 - Education (Nutrition)
8. Mrs. Isabel Sevilla-Soriano, '49 - Arts (Speech and Drama)
9. Col. Danilo Lazo, '50 - Military Service
10. Dr. Cecilia Arellano-Isaac, '51 - Medicine
11. Mrs. Editha Lazo-Arambulo, '51 - Management (Finance)
12. Lt. Comdr. Octavio Marquez, '52 - Military Service
13. Miss Ma. Dolores (Bibsy) Carballo, '56 - Journalism
14. Mr. Jesus Ejercito, '56 - Arts (Movie Production)
15. Dr. Potenciano D. Baccay, '57 - Medicine
16. Mr. George Ejercito, '57 - Arts (Movie Acting)
17. Lt. Col. Guerrero Guzman, '59 - Military Service
18. Dr. Silverio Santiago, Jr., '59 - Medicine
19. Mr. Michael Ty, '59 - Business Administration
20. Dr. Ma. Lourdes Arellano-Carandang,'60 - Education (Guidance and Counseling)
21. Mr. Ildefonso Luis (Chito) Cobarrubias, '60 - Hotel Management
22. Mrs. Ma. Felicitas Arellano-Reyes, '65 - Communication Social Management
23. Miss Ma. Fe Mejia, '75 - Athletics

On the 60th anniversary in 1990, the following alumni were awarded:

1. Mrs. Letizia Roxas-Constantino, '38 - Alternative Education
2. Mr. Roberto Marquez, '54 - Entrepeneurship
3. Mrs. Erlinda Santos-Marquez, '54 - Entrepreneurship
4. Ambassador Ernesto Llamas, '57 - Foreign Service
5. Mr. Pio De Castro III, '59 - Arts (Movie Direction)
6. Dr. Gabino Mejia, '60 - Medicine
7. Ms. Ma. Agnes A. Arellano, '66 - Arts (Sculpture)
8. Mr. Victor Gruet, '68 - Management
9. Miss Ma. Ruby Chico, '87 - Sports

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