New students will be admitted only in the Pre-School to Grade Five levels. They should meet the following requirements:

Nursery: 3½ years old to 4 years old
Kinder I: 4½ years old to 5 years old
Kinder II: 5 years old with 1 year of formal Pre-School education
                6 years old without any Pre-School education

Grades I-V
1. A final average grade of 85%.
2. Nust not have a grade below 80% in any grading period.
3. Must not have been subjected to any disciplinary action by the school of origin and must submit a certification of good moral character.
4. Must pass the entrance examination.

There will be NO NEW ADMISSION in the High School.

Applicants shall see the Principal of the Department for evaluation of credentials.
An applicant who does not meet any of the above requirements shall be denied admission.

Results of the entrance test shall be posted on the bulletin board one week after the adminstration of the tests.

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