Military organization in St. John's Academy started in 1937 when a new subject was added in the curriculum--Military Science. It was composed of High School and Intermediate boys, forming two companies composed of two squads each.

To comply with the government regulation regarding military training, the Preparatory Military Training was organized in August 1947 in St. John's. The PMT became the military organization of our school with the then Lieutenant Jose Gil, Jr. as field instructor. Later, it was replaced by Boy Scouting until 1964 when PMT was reorganized.

In 1974, PMT was replaced by Air Force Citizen's Army Training (AFCAT). The AFCAT-1 was composed entirely of Senior cadets and cadettes until in 1977 when AFCAT-1 started accepting selected High School students from lower years.

In 1979, the Aerospace Cadets of the Philippines started and was composed of second and third year cadets. This organization is presently under the Reserve Air Support Unit of the Philippine Air Force. Then in 1980, the International Air Cadets Exchange program was launched and the first chosen delegates from St. John's were sent to the United States and Hongkong. The program sent students to the U.S., Australia, Hongkong and other countries after passing a battery of written and oral examinations and interviews conducted by the Aerospace Association Board before they were chosen.

The following are the exchange cadets through the years:

Fitzgerard Ferraris
Arthur Jhocson
Romulo de Leon

Generoso Quijano, Jr.
Roel Evangelista
Gil Decierto, Jr.

Rommel Bernardo
Celeste Carillo
Ronnie Bautista
Leonard del Mundo

Ma. Fides Pacheco
Frederick Ferraris
Jose Antonio Fortuno
Mary Rose Latayan
Natividad del Prado

Arthur Abad
Marigold Majarucon
Marie Rose Fortaleza
Ma. Kristina Ilusorio

Angelica Pacheco
Dalisay de la Cruz
Leonard Escanlar
Alex Fernando

Eva Martinez
Lawrence del Mundo
Olivia Quiniquini
Precious Tongko
Angelica Ocampo
Ma. Cecilia Pacheco
Myra Tolete

Farida Ferraris
Egilsita Riel

Genicel Montalvo
Anna Victoria Gratil

Angeline Gil
Rhizel Bautista

Vanessa Colmenares
Angelove Mariano
Magnolia Movido
Anthony Calub

Rica Ann Santos
Ma. Rowena Don
Sofia Clarin
Rowell Gorayeb

Sheila Antonette Marz
Elvira Nadia Carreon
Ma. Cristina Rose Pante
Ma. Nancy Jurado
Eduardo Macalinao

Ryan Neil Elefante
Ronnel Pasco

Mary Grace Santos

Roel Philipp Mosura
Chrissie Ayang - ang

Mark Abenir

Helyn Joy Nuñez
Edwin Joseph Ortile

Franco Atienza
Roselle Pasco
Benica Pasaporte
Marion Pempeña

Military Organization in St. John's has gone a long way with many changes. It stands as St. John's sole military training arm. For years, the ACP has gained recognition and won awards as it grows in population. Its aim sixty-seven years ago is still the goal in ACP today. Our Military Organization is a part of St. John's history and legacy. It is St. John's pride.

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