St. John’s Academy remains committed to its objective of serving the needs of the community, one of which is to provide quality education. The transition from traditional classroom to remote learning is an opportunity for the school to emerge stronger and to make lasting changes in the ways the school supports, teaches, connects with and values each student.

For Academic School Year 2020-2021, St. John’s Academy will adapt Full Online Distance Learning by implementing a new learning management system or E-Learning platform and upgrading online facilities.

The school’s learning management system is an instructional technology integration program for innovative teaching and effective learning. It provides 24/7 learning platform maintenance, a helpdesk, email facility for teachers and students, educationl resources, learning modules, formative and summative assessments, professional development for technical expertise and assistance in Parent-Teacher collaboration.

To ensure uninterrupted learning process, students will still be required to use physical books. This shall also supplement online activities/exercises and limit screen time and use of gadgets & digital devices.

To reinforce effective collaboration among faculty, students and parents, a survey on Readiness for Alternative Learning was administered to teachers and parents/students. The survey determined the respondents’ readiness in terms of connectivity, availability of required electronic gadgets and the participation of parents/guardians in students’ learning. Survey results provided bases on how to evaluate use of distant and online learning tools and to determine an appropriate e-learning environment.

A Faculty Training Program will be offered to support the faculty in their continuing professional development by enriching their skills, knowledge, and understanding of appropriate pedagogy and technology in instruction. This will be conducted through seminar-workshop scheduled at the start of the school year.

The parents/guradians play a vital role in the success of online learning by providing a home atmosphere that is safe, secure, and conducive to the cognitive growth of the students. St. John’s Academy will offer online orientation for Parents on the use of the learning management system and provide materials to help keep them aligned with the school’s academic program.

The school will implement health and safety measures. These include but are not limited to disinfecting the school equipment and facilities, temperature checks of all school community members, mandatory wearing of masks, provision on hand sanitizers and disinfectant mats, observance of physical distancing, among others.

St. John’s Academy will formally open School Year 2020-2021 on October 5, 2020. There is no increase of tuition fees in all levels and other miscellaneous fees (test papers, manuals, IDs, patches, publications, etc,) will not be collected.