The Youth Takes Center Stage
In SJA's 86th Loyalty Day

Last November 13, St. John's Academy celebrated its 86th Loyalty Day. The school took "Transforming Today's Youth into Competent, Morally Upright, and Law-Abiding Citizens of the Nation" as its theme. This shows the school's mission of turning its students into functioning members of our society and helping them flourish into greater individuals. more»

VAC Sparks Ingenuity Through Diorama-Making Contest

Last November 2, the Visual Arts Club conducted the Diorama-Making Contest to foster creativity, resourcefulness and appreciation of history among our students. The contest was participated in by the sections from Grades 5 to 11. Each class was tasked to create a miniature version of a famous landmark. The famous landmark was assigned to each class through draw lots last October 7 and on the same day, the guidelines for the contest were explained. more»

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