A New Set of Student Leaders Elected

St. John's Academy holds the Student Council Election annually. This event marks the selection process of the students who would run for the Student Council. In this year's event, the potentials, sincerity, and willpower of the student candidates were tested. They needed to prove themselves worthy of the position which they aspired for to serve as the voice and encouragement for the student body. Two parties emerged to vie for the different positions which would give them responsibilities to serve their Alma Mater.   more»

SJA Cadets Participate in ACP 40th National Encampment

The ACP 40th National Encampment training was held last April 1 to 7, 2013 at Clark Air Base, Pampanga. Encampment is the temporary separation of a cadet from his home, one week to be exact to train, eat, act, and live as a soldier. In here, the representatives from different schools come together to compete, socialize and have fun with one another. Many things were taught like the "square meal", the soldier's proper way of eating which should go with discipline and grace, and the quick movements at all times whether it be in eating or in doing other activities. They were taught what it was like to be a soldier.  more»

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